2 thoughts on “Michael Avenatti”

  1. Given the variety of accusations of stealing from clients, I hope this kills those aspirations. You don’t have that kind of smoke without some fire.

  2. You can’t blame him for trying. In the summer of 2016 the director of the FBI, on national television, said Hilary had over 100 classified emails, in 36 separate chains, on her non-secure personal server. Now, having each of those 100 emails on a personal, non-secure server is a felony. I am told each felony can get you up to 5 years in federal prison. It looks like she will serve none, not even 1 for her crimes. So if the creepy porn lawyer has political ambitions, and watches what the rest of the politicians do to get ahead, can you blame him for taking the proven path of Hilary and her minions? She got within a heartbeat of the Oval Office, as the star this time, not like last time when she was just married to the President. And the democrat primary is far from decided, so who knows what will happen in Milwaukee in July.

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