3 thoughts on “Welcome To Covid College”

  1. It seems American students are to mask the more lucrative foreign student market.
    What happens when stop allowing Chinese students to go to US schools. Obviously it’s the end of world.
    But it seems lowering the traffic from a country that starts a pandemic, could have some merits.
    Add to that, China stealing from us, at rate 1/2 trillion dollars a year, and begins to seem even more attractive.
    Also of course, we aren’t going to open air travel with China anytime soon, and are chinese students take going take boats.
    Probably an unappreciative value send kids to US, is kids aren’t China where they can cause trouble. Their could a number reasons for causing trouble, but if can get as good education in China, why are they coming to US? Maybe the added revenues from all the stealing, but it could be they somehow find other value in going to overly priced US schools,

    1. Most of these newspaper-type sites display the article, then prevent you from seeing it by then running some simple Javascript. It’s pretty easy to get around if you are willing to temporarily mess with your security settings. (For example, on Safari, enabling the “Develop” menu gives you the appropriate enable/disable command.) A side effect is that you lose some of the more dynamic aspects of the page. Few to no ads, but no interactive graphics either. Lots of placeholders instead.

      At some point they’ll wise up and then just drive their hit counts down ever further.

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