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      1. Do I have to explain everything?

        A gau was a state in the German Reich, and a gauleiter was the Party functionary overseeing the civilian government in a gau, making that person effectively in charge.

        Gauleiter is also Euro-slang for an overbearing official or enforcer of rules. In another setting, Spock explains to Kirk, “Herbert was a minor official, notorious for his rigid and limited patterns of though.” A Gauleiter is a “Herbert” on Star Trek.

        Yeah, a “gau lighter” if you needed to relight the pilot flame on a gau, funny dude. Turn a Godwin’s Law violation into a lamer joke.

        1. You obviously didn’t have to explain it to me, since I was familiar with the word (I knew how it was pronounced), and simply wanted to make merry by tossing off a pun (that I’ve been harboring for 50 years).

          You really should – heh heh heh – leiten up!

        2. “Do I have to explain everything?”

          Nobody asked you to.

          It just might be that we know what a gauleiter is and we didn’t need any of your erudition.

  1. The Democrats accuse President Trump of being a “Nazi.” But who’s acting like Nazi’s right now? The Democrats are.

    1. If he actually was what they say he is, they’d be hiding in fear and keeping their mouths shut. Or actually moving to Canada.

    2. Democrats project more than a 20 screen cineplex before they were all ordered closed.

    3. Nazis, yes, but not like The Leader as Rand’s post implied, but rather like mid-level Party functionaries.

      I caught a lot of Flugabwehrkanone fire for clarifying the distinction.

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