9 thoughts on “An Open Memo To Barack”

  1. I didn’t much care for Obama and I don’t much care for Trump. What I care for even less than those two are bureaucrats who believe they have a veto over who gets to reside in the White House. I also don’t care for what this says about our system of justice with these clowns in charge. If they can do this to a three star general, you and I are no longer free people.

    1. “Equal justice under the law” and “we are a nation of laws, not of men” are pretty sounding lies we were told as schoolchildren. They sure sound nice but they are and always have been lies. If, as seems probable, no one is prosecuted for these actions, we will be no different than a banana republic.

    2. Except the bureaucrats are not career nonpartisan government workers. They are party people carrying out the plan of their political party. There isn’t a Deep State so much as a Democrat State.

    1. How many does your state let you rack up. Here in ‘Sconsin, someone was on the news for being at #7?

  2. It’s about time someone told that Mouthy Maoist to his face what a horrible person he is.

    3 cheers for Powell – that’s one gutsy woman.

  3. I’ll believe that this will make a difference when I see indictments and trials that can’t be ignored. According to the MSM narrative, this is nothing more than the Republicans protecting one of their own. The Obama scandals relegated to ancient history.

  4. Barak was nothing new. Read about how a dis-gruntled FBI bureaucrat brought down the second term of Richard Nixon. Comey and his merry band of seditious bastards were just following an old script.

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