5 thoughts on “Opening Schools”

  1. My daughter-in-law […] a first-grade teacher at a private Christian school, first alerted me to the CDC document and warned that we’ll see teachers quit en masse if they’re forced to follow the proposed classroom rules.”

    Does she promise? It would be the best thing she could do for the children.

  2. Wonder what the CDC guidance is regarding:

    1) spit balls launched from Bic pens?
    2) leaving snot filled tissues in your desk?
    3) wet chewing gum under your seat?
    4) spitting into the drain of the water fountain?
    5) trading lunch items with your friends at school?

    I know, I know, wildly unrealistic…

  3. That list reminds me of the “security experts” pronouncements on what would be required to make airline travel safe following 9/11. It seems they got some people together who were trying to top one another on what it’ll take to make schools “safe” without any regard for practicality or affordability.

  4. Probably the best thing would be to let the kids back in schools again using the normal routines and let the disease run through their populations. Few of them will even get symptoms, almost none of them would die, beyond the unfortunately normal story of a lone child in a school dying of some routine disease. At the end of a few months, a good chunk of the country’s population will have gotten the virus, survived it, and taken their societal positions of “herd buffers.”

    The school staff is more problematic, but my experience is that most teachers, long frustrated at trying to teach nonsense to the unwilling, retire as early as they can anyhow, so there will be few over-fifties to worry about – others might go on sabbatical. The vulnerable people in the families of students and staff would need to isolate from their families for a few months, but that is how a quarantine is supposed to work anyhow.

    Once it has run its course – and New York steam cleans the subways, buses, and sidewalks – the world will be much safer for the vulnerable than it will be from any plan the CDC is proposing.

  5. They could leave the schools closed, probably the biggest advance in American education since the McGuffey reader.

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