2 thoughts on “California Democrats”

  1. The interesting thing to me is that while they will get their black and hispanic constituences into higher level schools (where they will unfortunately tend to drop out more often) they are screwing their east asian constituency at the same time. When the racial preferences are reinstated, it’s the east asians – who are way over represented in good schools wrt their percentage of the population – who will be screwed over. Considering that the east asians have been mostly left leaning I’m not seeing this as a win win for the Democrats.

    1. It’s not a win for blacks and hispanics either, because those who shouldn’t be there will either drop out or get a degree that’s so devalued that no-one accepts it.

      But with smart kids realizing that university is a scam, the left desperately need to convince some other group to sign their life away for student debt.

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