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  1. Heh. “Amazon is a frequent target of the the left.” Poor Bezos hasn’t learned he can’t buy them off by giving them jobs at WaPo.

    1. Bezos is busy working on robotic replacements for left. It shouldn’t be too hard to program woke obedience. It’s the Yang philosophy carried to its post-modern extreme. Your Amazon doppelganger is dropped at your door by Fed-Ex with a million dollar check in your name in its hand and will be given to you if you vacate your premises today.

  2. with a million dollar check in your name in its hand

    At times I’ve wondered if the solution for all these people who hate this country and want to change it is to offer them a million (or even 5 million) to leave the US, never to return for any reason under any circumstance. It would probably improve both us and the country on which they inflict themselves. (And a large number would be broke and regretting it within a decade.)

    1. This is an interesting experiment. Unfortunately, people love to repeat the lie that “humans are our greatest resource”. They’re frequently the same people who say NASA needs a bigger budget. They don’t understand that humanity and budgets are not scalars, they’re vector quantities with a magnitude and direction. NASA has huge budget vector, but its frequently forced to point it in useless directions. The same goes for humans – we have more humans that we know what to do with, unfortunately a great many of them are worse than worthless.

      We don’t need any more humans.

      1. Well, then, isn’t it a good thing this virus just happened to come along. Not that it is killing very many people.

        I think the better quote is that Humans COULD BE Our Greatest Resource. They just need a free society, the ability to use and profit from their own gifts. I can see a society stretched out across the Sol System and not enough people to get all the work done.

        What work? I don’t know, but I don’t think I could describe my career to my high school self very well, never mind to somebody from the 19th Century.

  3. Bezos is working hard to buy off the left:

    When you go on Amazon Prime on TV you now see in huge letters “Black Lives Matters” and the video offerings no longer start with your row of selection but a row of race-oriented offerings.

  4. Ben Stein has some interesting comments:


    Let’s see the college boys and sexy upper-class white girls in their shorts demonstrate against the Crips and the Bloods. Let’s see the absolute idiot commentators on the news shows lambaste the gang-bangers. Of course they don’t because they’re chickens–t. They only march against people they know won’t harm them.

    No one hates black life more than the Democrat leadership, in my humble opinion, if we are to judge honestly by the numbers. Why isn’t anyone protesting against them and their abortuary pals?

    Have you noticed that the overwhelming mass of the looters shown on TV are black? The overwhelming mass of the protesters against “racial injustice” are white prosperous-looking young people. Who is missing? Asians. They don’t loot. They don’t riot. They study and they work. And they get ahead, and they live in nice houses and buy at the stores the looters steal from.

    Any my fave – as this has been my opinion for decades:

    “6. There is nothing systemically wrong with the USA. Not racial injustice. That was gone long ago. Not class warfare. That’s ancient history. This is a super great country. It’s good to anyone who is willing to acquire human capital in the form of education as lawyer, doctor, plumber, or electrician. If there is a problem, it’s the looters, murderers, and arsonists, and their pals in the media.

    This is a great, great country, and if the media tells you different, they are lying.”

    The one issue I’d take with Ben Stein’s comments is this:

    “And the cops, 99 percent of them, are great people. ”

    I don’t know about 99.9% but most of them are.

    However far too many power trip in their line of work. They are unnecessarily rough at times.

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