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  1. What baffles me is, this is not new medical knowledge, as I edited monographs on cross-immunity back in the 80s. Maybe they forgot?

    When I went over to Duke Health this week for my routine blood tests (for diabetes, pernicious anemia, Hashomoto’s thyroiditis, and hypogonadism, among others), I asked if I could get a Covid19 antibody test. The answer was, “No, we’re not doing that.” I didn’t bother to ask why not.

    1. Let me translate for you:
      “No, we’re not doing that.” –> “No, we’re not paying for that.”

          1. A miscommunication here. Duke Health, a medical practice, told me they’re “not doing” antobody tests, which you translated as “we’re not paying for that.” Duke Health doesn’t pay for anything, they bill for services rendered, just like any doctor’s office. Of course I have Medicare and UMR insurance as gap coverage, and that gets billed first, followed by the so-called co-pay. But I paid for Medicare in payroll deductions (adding up to hundreds of thousands of USD(2020) over 50 years. Plus I have to kick in some money every month for some Medicare add on or another. Plus I have to pay $6,000 a year for the UMR gap coverage. Plus I have to pay the copays for services and prescription. So, basically, yes I pay for whatever they’re willing to do, and your “translation” is inapt. Probably I should have asked why they weren’t doing the test, but y then I just wanted to have my blood draws and get out of there.

  2. If the epidemiological madness continues, we will eventually come to the point where we see COVID-19 related deaths with no new cases or new cases dropping to zero, as people no longer fall ill but still have virus RNA in their system.

    If COVID-19 syndrome disappears over the summer as I suspect it might we’ll have no palliative treatment for the weird and novel manner in which this virus affects the body. If you don’t believe this is possible…. Seen any SARS-1 outbreaks lately?

  3. What’s not mentioned, and should be, is that the initial studies referred to (that showed no cross immunity) were from, surprise surprise, China.

    So, yet again, intentionally falsified “results” from China are responsible for misdirecting our responses.

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