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  1. “Whiteness has become a kind of original sin, an inherited moral defect one must atone for throughout one’s life. ”

    All people have the original sin, to say anything else is racist.
    Of course to say blackness is original sin, as just as racist.
    One could argue it’s just stupid, but stupid, and evil and racist are all in same boat.
    Racism is pseudo science as is global warming. As the belief in the idea that humans are presently over populated.
    Our problem, now and at least for hundred years, is an underpopulation problem- largely due to the problem humans have had or long time, politicans.
    They the political class are mostly lacking in skill and are not accountable enough for endless stupid things they do- which tends to generally make entire profession, mostly evil- or you prefer be to more generous, stupid.

  2. Our problem, now and at least for hundred years, is an underpopulation problem

    I disagree but I’d like to hear your side. Can you elaborate?

    1. –Pug Sanchez
      June 6, 2020 At 3:07 PM
      Our problem, now and at least for hundred years, is an underpopulation problem

      I disagree but I’d like to hear your side. Can you elaborate?–

      The US is certainly underpopulated.
      Is India over populated. It has 4 times US population and 1/3 the land area of US.
      {on topic global warming, India has average yearly temperature of 24 C, US is 12 C}.
      So if global problem for US and over population problem of US. What magic do Indians have? And why aren’t Indians overly concerned about global warming or over population?
      Africa continent has about same population as India- and Africa got the Sahara desert as large as US.
      Where on Earth is over populated? China, or parts of Europe?
      Well both China and Europe tend to think they might be over populated. China coming crisis is under population and Europe seems to want more immigrants- how is that consistent with idea that Europe might be over populated?
      It makes sense for US to want more immigration. Don’t you agree?
      But US is not over populated.
      Some in US might think elsewhere in the world there is over population problem, but very few Americans imagine the US is over populated.
      There are car traffic problems- everywhere. But that can be solved.
      I will hearty agree that governments are very incompetent when come to dealing with traffic issues. It’s universal problem with governments- both, that they tend to be very incompetent and fail at dealing with traffic issues. Most politicans demonstrate daily their stupidity- they know nothing about anything- and they do a lot lying. Can point to one, which you imagine is the most competent?
      Mostly they seem to be agreeable buffoons, rather getting anything done, or even a plan to do something.
      So problem is the politicans, 8 people could be over population problem for them.
      So, I am even talking about making Sahara desert a tropical forest or at least grassland. Not talking living in oceans. Nor becoming spacefaring civilization.

      1. There is the argument that there is a shortage of cheap energy- and mostly focused on future energy. I would say there is a present problem with having cheap energy.
        But Western politicans favor making more wind mills and solar farms- do I need to say more?

        But I think the present energy problem is mostly in the “third world”- and one probably can’t say that all their politicans are geniuses.
        There is plenty of available energy which can used in the world- and there is large failure using it- that is obviously true.

  3. I don’t see an issue. A career criminal died in police custody. Not very nice, but predictable. And not worth losing sleep over. He is a loss to his family. His children will grow up without a father. Color of skin has nothing to do with George Floyd’s death. It has everything to do with most of the reaction to his death. That makes the angry people racists, not me or the officers involved. If officer Chauvin was a racist bent on killing black people, why did it take him 19 years as a Minneapolis cop to get his first one? I have my own reasons for thinking this was murder, but they have nothing to do with anyone’s skin color. And I believe it was first degree murder, not second or third.

    1. The fact that Chauvin and Floyd worked together previously lends credence to premeditation.

  4. “In accepting today’s ruling-class ideology – the ideology of wokeness and of forever racialism – the leaders of these protests have defeated themselves already. They have embraced an ideology that makes solidarity virtually impossible,”

    Are they even concerned with solving the problem? Solve the problem and they don’t have reason to exist. This means there is a perverse incentive to perpetuate the problem. Whether intentional or unintentional, that is the outcome of their policies.

    Don’t forget, you can’t have justice without punishment. Social Justice is about punishing people. You will be punished so that you know what it feels like, because it make the punishers feel good, and because it unites people in a common cause.

  5. Social Justice is about punishing people.

    So-called “social justice” is about punishing (or rewarding) people for what they are, not what they do.

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