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  1. I’ve always had the impression that while NPR is a lefty mouthpiece for pretentious wobble bottoms, it doesn’t carry enough actual political weight for the GOP to take the political hit to cancel it, particularly as the Republicans are supposedly the “free speech” team. If they do kill it off it will indicate that the doctrinaire libertarians have lost their grip somewhat on the party.

  2. It is both horrible that people are being hit by cars and that Democrats are attacking drivers. Democrats feel that people don’t listen to them if they don’t suffer but Democrats have no right to make people suffer.

  3. NPR doesn’t need a big radio station infrastructure. Just construct one giant shortwave station in California and broadcast all over the US & World from one station. Studios are cheap to implement and can pipe their broadcasts securely over the Internet to their shortwave station. That assures them broadcaster status while everyone else listens to their live stream and podcasts via their smartphones which everyone pretty much does now anyway to overcome spotty FM reception. Incredible reduction in overhead and might be sustainable via only corporate and private donors. I’m only half joking!

    1. NPR relies on a lot of syndicated shows and they have been grappling with the problem that people really could just go to one centralized place on the internet to get most of their content.

      PBS is similar but out west, there are some good programs but even in red areas, they are heavily biased toward progressive Marxist issues. So, they really aren’t representative of the audience they serve, same with most broadcast and print media in these areas.

      1. A more serious proposal. Ditch AM/FM radio altogether. Go with podcasting and live streaming. Pick up an audio cable channel with iHeart radio and possibly Sirius XM and…. done! All new cars have Bluetooth you can route the livestream/podcast from your smartphone right into your car speakers in high fidelity stereo audio. For my old car I bought a Bluetooth to FM Radio converter that plugs into the cigarette lighter 12 VDC power socket and I listen to NPR agitprop that way. When I have a need to feel agitated….

  4. In the Sunbelt metropolis where I live (basically a suburb wrapped around a ghetto, with a growing barrio wedged in there somehow), public radio was at least tolerable when I moved here. The NPR propaganda was mainly in the daytime, and I was working then. In the evening there was mainly classical music, usually a concert from one of the world’s prominent orchestras, plus a nice jazz show on Saturday nights. Around the time I retired, however,the station began jettisoning its classical music content for endless discussions about the problems of Black folks, Gay folks, Black Gay folks, Black Trans folks, etc. Now the only thing I listen to is the jazz show, which I guess they leave untouched because they consider it a Black thing, although I suspect most of the listening audience is Caucasian. If defunding caused the whole shebang to disappear, I would miss the jazz show, but the station is mostly dead to me anyway and has been for a couple of years.

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