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  1. One thing that will happen when the madness ends is that a lot of people will wish they hadn’t plastered their madness all over Twitter and Facebook.

    I’m guessing HR departments years from now (if such a thing still exists by then) will be checking out their potential new hires and finding pictures of them robbing stores or smashing up statues. And then putting the resume in the ‘not for us’ pile.

  2. Scott Adams is rambling about systemic racism and it could related to “white” Jesus. And black activists talking about it {[who doesn’t apparently “look” black] is saying Christ was born in Egypt] and Scott the non religion guy and non science guy, just blows by this. And thinking, why is Cleopatra depicted as white- but hollywood has done that already.
    Anyhow, I would say if there Jesus statues in the public area, that has Christ appearing like white guy {and not looking like he could be Jewish- I don’t know enough about it to tell the difference}, it seem one could remove it{or maybe tastefully, blackface it].
    But I don’t know if Christ was black. Or if he was black if he was African black and/or from Africa. But he certainly was not an African American. I would think if Jesus was black, he could be from the East. And pretty sure Jesus was a Jew. And doesn’t seem to me that Jews have been “interested” in the color of someone skin.
    And it seems Jesus spend a lot time being in the “outdoors”- apparently was a carpenter, goes deserts and wanders around a lot.
    So not a pale skin guy. Rather a man of people- did some studying, didn’t spend a life doing it. And I don’t recall any time it was said to have got sunburnt. So ridding very white skin, seems like a good move. But it does seem like an American problem, it seems more of a Catholic problem, particular in context of systematic, and sheer number of statues.

    1. The historical Jesus was Middle Eastern, so would look like them more or less. The angle for the complaint is based in the belief that Christians don’t know that Jesus looked Middle Eastern because they are stupid and/or that if they knew, they wouldn’t like it because they are all racists. Neither of these stereotypes are true.

      Jesus wasn’t black. He wasn’t Sub-Saharan African and neither were the Egyptians, although there was a period of time where they were ruled by some. Cleopatra was Greek. There is a belief among some black separatists and black supremacists that the Egyptians and Jesus were Sub-Saharan African and also that the Olmecs were African.

    2. Jesus most likely looked like a contemporary first-century Jew from the Levant. He was directly descended from David on his father’s side, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything genetically, given the circumstances of his conception. If you want to really get into it, there was a documentary on Discovery/History/one of those, a few years back, that tried to create a CGI face based upon 3D modelling using the Shroud of Turin as a source. Their result was a plain-looking man with a fairly traditional Jewish face, rather than the European features that became popular during the Renaissance. Of course, to most Christians, it ain’t about His physique, and ridiculous claims about the proportion of melanin in his skin seem to deliberately miss the entire point about His life.

      As for Cleopatra… are you kidding? Look up her family tree. She was descended from Ptolemy and his buddies that he brought with him to Egypt after Alexander died, and her ancestors considered inbreeding to be their favorite sport. There is also contemporary artwork of her (mostly coinage and busts) that survives to this day. A DNA test would probably come back with a very, very large percentage of Greek/Macedonian heritage.

      Most of these “controversies” seem entirely manufactured, and designed to tear down, rather than to build up.

  3. More Scott.
    Apparently, NYT doxed William Shakespeare.
    [[Roughly speaking.]]

    It was someone who tweets.
    NYT is impressed by a tweeter and write some story about someone who tweets.
    BUT they have a rule, that they have to use a person’s real name.
    And they have to follow their rules.

    Strikes me, as being very illiterate.
    Of course dumb as bricks, but one can be
    literate and be dumber than bricks.

    Scott now, decides to say that:
    NYT is EVIL

    I think that was quite clear, before this.
    All have to do and put a bunch of newspaper men
    in a big box, and you get that.
    Add in a mexico cartel and that spices things up.
    Throw in every demented person who you can hunt down,
    bring in army of bureaucrats, and it’s really cooking.

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