7 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Whats-His-Name?”

  1. I caught her performance at the Disney concert hall a few years ago: absolute state-of-the-art robotics. Very life-like, but no human can move their fingers like that. Very impressive. Nexus 6 quality.

    1. https://youhadmeatgardening.com/best-music-for-plants/

      Further research on the type of music for plants and sound frequency concluded to the following results:

      * Classical music made plants grow better, bushier, and greener, with healthier stems.
      * Jazz music also accelerated growth and made plants fuller.
      * Heavy metal music, together with new age and Celtic tunes increase both plant mass AND fruit taste.
      * Country and western music for plants had no effects on development.
      * Noisy [loud?] rock music damages plants in the same way excess water or heavy winds do.

  2. “The West values offhandedness, improvisation, luck and self-made celebrity, ”

    People often say this about overnight successes, or people who toiled for years before getting noticed.

    Milo was what, a political commentator? The West is full of disciplined people who diligently work toward mastery. Why not compare the pianist with someone from a similar profession rather than some guy who was a brief celebrity? What made Milo popular is that he was more in tune with what was happening politically than the people who hold themselves up as the experts. Even now, decades after trends started and years after Milo was a thing, many “conservative” media personalities don’t know what is going on.

  3. The comparison linking Beethoven and Yuja Wang is a bit strained; she has mostly stayed away from Beethoven, feeling that she hasn’t yet come to understand his music well enough. On the other hand, her repertoire (and her reputation) are heavily into the darkest Russian music, especially Rachmaninoff and Prokofiev. She’s using here down-time during the pandemic to immerse herself in Beethoven, so it will be interesting to hear the performances to come.

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