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        1. My eyes glazed over reading that. Using Ghandi as an example of how to train a paramilitary force nearly made me laugh, well a broad grin anyway. If Ghandi teaches us anything it is about the cult of personality. Frankly we’ve had enough of those. I would fear such a leader would just as easily turn the tables on his military “commanders” and have them arrested, non-violently of course by refusing to follow their commands. Who is commanding who exactly and for what purpose? What followed Ghandi wasn’t pretty…

          1. The paramilitary wing of the Projection Commandos! Trained in the tactics of idea-to-idea passive aggression!

            Advised by their guerilla pseudo-leader, de-centralized committee member and proletariati “Qué?”. They have won several successive engagements, such as: “I’ll pay the restaurant bill!”, “Can you please take out the trash?” and the famous follow-on skirmish: “It’s your turn to do that”.

      1. I refuse to give up.

        What’s your plan? Retreat to Mars under Musk? Which conveniently ignores the fact that Musk, Bezos, Allen, Branson, et al were on the other side of the culture war.

        If your strategy is to hope things get bad enough that everyone will come to their senses you’ve pretty much already thrown in the towel regardless of what you tell yourself.

      1. Well it’s probably going to be major defeat in the election in Nov 3 for the Dems. But could be only a narrow defeat, or could be narrow defeat of Reps. But let imagine the very unlikely, a major win for dems: Dem president, dem majority of House rep and Senate. In that situation Dems have 2 years to do something- and they no excuses. What are they going to do?
        Last time they passed Obamacare. Which didn’t work. Try for universal healthcare? They didn’t want it last time. Does anyone imagine they do could do it, within 2 years. They couldn’t make website that worked. And you got to pick one thing. And you want to do something you can do to for a quick win. Is the big win could to legalize illegal immigrants. Why didn’t do that last time they held both Houses and President?
        It seems dems get political advantage to promise but give excuses of why failed to deliver. Or maybe you legalize illegal immigrants, but few actually want to be legal citizens of US.
        How about they just do DACA- they didn’t want to before, say they do. Is going to be enough to re-elect in 2 years?
        Are going to have open borders. Nope.
        Let’s look at Dem platform:
        –Raise Incomes and Restore Economic Security for the Middle Class–
        Not first time they wanted this, and have failed whenever tried to do it. Dems instead driven the regions they have controlled into crime and poverty. So fluff of nothing.
        –Create Good-Paying Jobs–
        –Fight for Economic Fairness and Against Inequality–
        Well makes no sense to fight, they have to govern.
        –Bring Americans Together and Remove Barriers to Opportunities…—
        They been causing problems- like to see them do this, but:
        –Protect Voting Rights, Fix Our Campaign
        Finance System, and Restore Our Democracy–
        “Securing Statehood for Washington, D.C”
        Well they could do that. States can’t go debt, are also going
        allow all States to go in debt. And/or bail all State?
        Perhaps. But does Fed want to loses control to the States?
        Or restriction of States is more power to Fed. Could in weird way, do want Reps say they want? Return power to States?

        And it should noted that Reps can and are quite flexible.
        The problem of left is it eats their own. Nothing is ever enough.
        Dems can’t blame Reps.
        Take away guns {not on platform}. No guys with guns are not going to hand them in. Cops don’t want to take them. Cops not too happy with Dems. Military not too happy with Dems.
        It just makes Reps jobs as politicans really easy.
        What does it mean to elect Biden as president?
        He would not be president, their will be team running the President. They might remove Biden, with 25th amendment.
        That would the smarter move. But maybe wait a year or two, as Biden continues to deteriorates.
        What does Trump do if loses? Maybe he will imagine one of kids should run. Would some network want him to be a news anchor?
        Will he just continue to tweet.
        What could the media do without Trump.
        Go out of business?

        All interesting, but what is important would dem get to Moon by 2024? Are going to get small rock instead? Defund NASA.
        How long is Pelosi going to live. Where is dem leadership?
        Will the racist Dem party change it’s name?
        Will help to change it’s name.

        I think CNN and the others got Trump elected, and they will once again get him re-elected. But maybe the Dems get both houses of Congress. Maybe.
        Does it matter to Trump if Dem have Congress. Would they at that point want to impeach him? And… get Pence?
        Dems are dogs chasing a car. Dems pass laws they don’t even read. Obama was weak, Biden is weaker. Obama weakness killed the Dem Party. Biden can not do any better for Dem party.
        With Reps they are playing South Park little league baseball- and they are going win the baseball game.

        1. You want a big, flashy project for the Dems to show off for their first two years? How about nation-wide vote-by-mail, complete with all of the loopholes needed to guarantee that they never lose another election ever again, no matter what the public actually thinks about them? How about following that up with new rules and regulations that essentially criminalize the act of speaking out against whatever the DNC is promoting this week (even if the DNC had the opposite view at the time that you said it)?

          1. I’m waiting for my Tech overlords to convince me that Blue is the new Red. I expect that the color intensity and hue of my screen will slowly shift blue until I too am ranting for the Green New Deal. Relax. Be happy. Enjoy the Soma/TwitterVerse and be sure to recharge overnight so you’ll know what to think tomorrow..

          2. ” How about nation-wide vote-by-mail, complete with all of the loopholes needed to guarantee that they never lose another election ever again, no matter what the public actually thinks about them? ”
            Voting is a state issue. If dems want to change the constitution, it could a problem. Also I think Dems and Reps like to current way election are conducted- they think of it as enjoyable activity. If a problem, they would changed a long time ago.
            It seems vote-by-mail is solution to problem which we will not have in month or so.
            And I don’t think dems gain public approval if they remove something that people enjoy doing.
            The only reason vote for D or R is because one imagine that will get rid of something they dislike or they gain something they like.
            I think things will change in a month or two. I think the vote-by-mail will be dropped by Dems, within one month
            I will it more 50% chance. And within two months, more than 80% chance. And will be forgotten in 3 months.

          3. “It seems vote-by-mail is solution to problem which we will not have in month or so.”

            Vote-by-mail, like mass immigration, is a solution to the problem of Americans not wanting to vote for Democrats.

            And it’s not an exclusively American problem. The Labour party in the UK may have stolen a Parliamentary seat with mail-in votes a year or two back. Without the mail-in votes, they wouldn’t have won, and the vast majority of mail-in votes were for Labour.

            The left do this the world over, when given the chance.

          4. –Edward M. Grant
            June 24, 2020 At 3:28 PM
            “It seems vote-by-mail is solution to problem which we will not have in month or so.”

            Vote-by-mail, like mass immigration, is a solution to the problem of Americans not wanting to vote for Democrats.–

            The media and Dems are the same. And they are shining flashlight various places and having people chase the bright spot.
            If are imaging you getting the news, you are not.
            If you following local and regional news of your State, you could have more information. But in terms Federal {which is not particularly relevant] Trump can veto. He has vetoed 8 and none them have been overridden.
            But, it’s simply not a serious issue.
            Maybe it could become serious issue.
            In terms of battling it, it is and has been successfully battled in courts. And it should be continued to be battled in courts, and longer dems play with topic, it probably cause more energy to be generated to be battled in the courts.
            But seems t me to be issue is mostly about chasing the light from the flashlight.
            Keep powder dry. Wait until end of July. And at point it will still be eons in terms political time, before the election. But by end of July, there will other lights to chase.
            A more important issue is that Obama and Biden were directly involved is attempting to overthrow a duly elected US President.
            Now, I doubt it’s allowable{I am not lawyer} but I wonder if Flynn can sue the federal government for being wrongfully fired from his job- and get monetary damages.
            Or considering the potential number of people involved, perhaps it can be a class action suit.

            Anyways, the worse president {and vice president} in US history, keeps getting worse.

    1. No, we haven’t.

      The left are only good at two things: infiltrating and subverting. They’ve infiltrated the cultural infrastructure and subverted it until no-one in their right mind wants anything to do with the garbage they produce.

      Would we be better off if that hadn’t happened? Yes, for sure. But the institutions they own have no real value now they’ve taken them over.

      So the old institutions are dead, the left are unable to build new ones, and the new ones the right are building are doing their best to prevent infiltration in future.

  1. Meanwhile, I’ll hold on to my copy of Teddy Roosevelt’s biography, TR: The Last Romantic. I do think it will become fashionable again one day.

  2. We need society to stop celebrating the Democrat calendar or to create new holidays to dilute Democrat’s power over the calendar. Of course, part of the Democrat’s strategy is to dilute the importance of non-Democrat holidays so adding more holidays to compete with them also allows them a next best win.

    1. I remember reading somewhere that the fall of Rome (western empire) was in small part due in part to the excessive number of holidays in the end-times Roman calendar. Generally noted that this was symptomatic of a much larger rot in society itself.

      The legion cannot be summoned today cause they’re all on holiday?

      1. Roman leaders would also change the symbology important to culture. Changes in artwork on buildings, statuary, and coinage were made to shape views on origin myths, cultural values, and leader’s heritage. Maybe some of these changes were organic but they were often deliberate to support powerful people.

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