8 thoughts on “The Segway”

  1. The end times were signaled when it earned a ban from the flower power city. The Streets of San Francisco were *built* for a Segway. If it couldn’t make it there, it couldn’t make it anywhere.

  2. I gave up on it after the ChiCom police demonstrated their assault uses in preparation of the Beijing Olympics…

    With fake Glocks at the ready….

  3. The one-wheel seems more practical. The concept isn’t necessarily bad, but they didn’t keep up with competition.

  4. “Segway: A technological question no needed to provide an answer…” We already have bicycles and tricycles providing a “Low Tech” solution.

  5. Mostly they cost to much. Had they been sold at a Much lower price selling a few million would have been easy.

    Of course that could have precluded making a profit.

  6. They had Segway Tours here in Chicago. People just look silly, in my opinion. Like a bunch of weird baby ducks trundling along the sidewalk, making no room for, and blocking pedestrians.

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