7 thoughts on “To J. K. Rowlings”

  1. “Her position is that natal women exist and have a right to limit access to their political and personal spaces. ”

    Funny how all those feminists didn’t feel the same way when they invaded mens’ spaces.

  2. “Only a few on the left have had the gumption to speak up for us. Few have even defended our right to express our opinions.”

    This is why people should hold off on apologizing to Rowling or lionizing her. Rowling, Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, and Dave Chappelle have all been leaders of cancel culture. Is there any sign they have changed or are they just protecting themselves while still attacking others?

    The monster that Rowling helped create turned on her? I have little sympathy.

    1. Yes. Rowling has been a left-winger for years, and now the left are eating her because she’s not left enough for them.

      Given the large donations she’s made and the pandering with her characters, she’s more than partly responsible for the monster that’s attacking her.


  3. Why should anyone care what she thinks about anything? She made a billion off of a very long children’s book. Her subsequent attempts at literature have shown that’s, literally, all she wrote.

    I’ve never found her persuasive where I disagreed with her on those rare occasions I was even aware of her opinion. I’m hardly going to take heart at a rare agreement.

    While I find the irony of payback in her case delicious, her naive surprise is even better. She seemed to believe that she could state a simple fact at odds with the progressive/fascist party line with some sort of impunity.

  4. I take her as another data point in a moral panic that’s descended into a virtue spiral, where “virtue” becomes a positional good and the way to best express it is to strip it from other “virtuous” people, much like communists denouncing each other under Stalin.

    Lot’s of feminists are now being eaten by the alligator they unleashed, joining the ever-swelling ranks of victims of political correctness and liberal intolerance. The number of accused will continue to rise and the number of accusers will continue to fall, as the accusers thin their own ranks by winnowing their herd down to those few who are louder and angrier than everybody else.

    I know lots of former liberals who finally got fed up with the nonsense and started supporting Trump and sanity. Invariably, as soon as they made that break the vicious reaction from their former progressive allies sealed their departure.

  5. The money line: “Three decades of postmodernism and ten years of Twitter have destroyed these conventions and, together with them, the shared norms by which we create and sustain social consensus.”

    The share moral capital that kept the west together has now been depleted. It’s going to be a bumpy right from here on out.

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