3 thoughts on “The Left-Wing Crack Up”

  1. “Progressives continuing to give full-throated support to the movement can’t say they weren’t warned.”

    Umm, progressives are Marxists. They created BLM and help fund, organize, and staff it. BLM is a tool of the progressive Marxists used to achieve progressives’ goals.

    We already have fascist Jim Crow thanks to the technocrats and progressive controlled corporations. This will continue getting worse as Marxism is ascending in the Democrat party.

    Re-imaging the country has been going on for a long time in colleges and entertainment. Tearing down statues is a lagging indicator but very visible.

    When Jim Crow is federal policy and not just company policy, when the statuary and history are ground to dust, there will still be the pesky problem of a rowdy unruly bunch of Americans that are the last vestigages of a country that did more to lift humanity out of the mud than any other civilization. Camps might change they way they think but their existence will always be a reminder of what was and of the sin the revolution wanted to expunge. How many graves will progressive Marxists dig?

  2. I was watching video of the auto da fe of a statue of an elk in Portland* and trying to understand why this seemed like the sort of thing the Nazis would have enjoyed. Then I remembered the conclusion of Wagner’s “Siegfried.”**


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