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  1. “His [Carlson’s] head-to-head MSNBC competitor Chris Hayes’ timeline is updated by the minute. Hayes is beloved, retweeted, and praised. Young adults look for him to make sense of it all, the indication is. Yet, he ranks higher in total viewership, which includes all ages. He’s a lackluster 23rd overall in the younger 18-49 demo.”

    “He” who? Does Hayes rank higher in total viewership? If so, how can Carlson have “the highest-rated quarter for a cable news show ever”?

    Aside from that, it’s heartening that Carlson is so popular. What’s disheartening is that his views are considered “alternative.” They used to be pretty mainstream.

    1. In a world where people still use the acronym “MSM” (mainstream media) to refer to the likes of Hayes, Stelter, and the like, we have to regard “mainstream” and “alternative” as akin to “literally” and “figuratively” in… well, let’s face it… even Outkick.com is media.

  2. Yes mainstream if you hanged out in the Bill Shockley and Bill “Andrew” Pierce the 3rd crowds. Or the man who got 46 electoral votes in 68′.

    1. Tucker isn’t racist and didn’t he go from PBS to CNN to Fox? Dude has been around a long time with a lot of success at each network he was at.

  3. Oh, now I get it. You’re a clever person doing a perfect impression of a person who thinks he is clever but is not.

  4. Evidently, Tucker Carlson’s name has been surfacing with great regularity as a strong candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nominee.

    I’d back that, with apologies to Tucker for wishing such a fate on him.

  5. How is 25 to 54 a single demographic? Does anybody really think the socialist millennial trash is watching it and paying attention?

    1. Among the 125 to 154 y/o demographic there is literally 0% cable viewership! A vast untapped social media market?

      1. The Democrats have already tapped that market so well that they vote “Dem” every election.

    2. This is the age group that is raising families, buying houses, buying sensible cars, and making most of the purchases in non-luxury brands. That is why they are important to advertisers.

      1. I thought millennial can’t afford houses because they’re busy buying avocado toast and paying off student loans for their anger studies degrees?

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