16 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s VP Pick”

  1. Their problem is that no-one who stands a chance of winning in 2024 wants to be a sacrificial lamb this year. So they get a senile old fart and a loser and rely on electoral fraud to try to win.

    Biden’s best hope would be Michael Obama, but xhe’s not going to run when xhe could wait a few years to be Presidential nominee if xhe’s not in jail by then.

  2. Would you vote for him if he picked Miss. Rice as his VP? Checks off his boxes and you truly have to be a bigot to consider her a radical and I am sure their be people who will try and succeed among alarmingly large groups. Too Bad he’ll never picked her.

    1. That is an interesting take – I’d actually have to think about that one. I really like her as a candidate. If Biden’s health was obviously failing, I might vote for Dr. Rice.

      Of course, there is no way in heck she would be selected. She has an R associated with her name, and is therefor a Nazi racist fearmonger with a side order of gay-hating.

      1. Dunno about that last part they will tie her to Iraq, and being a war monger such as Oliver below and the Trump campaign could push that. They could also push the she was too middling and complicit.

      2. It’s just conceivable the Bushite antitrumpers could see Biden on this, and… Yeah, I’d have to have a long hard think on that one.

    2. No one likes a backstabber. They make enemies on both sides.

      Would she be able to draw more Republicans away from the party than those who already split last cycle? Doubtful. Would she get more Democrats to turn out? They hated her so much when she was in office.

      It is interesting that every consideration for Democrats goes through a racist and sexist heirarchy in order to be found acceptable to the party but then again, they have always been the party of systematic racism.

    3. I like Dr. Rice. Not sure it would sway my vote, but I think she’s a competent choice. But like you said, total hypothetical – he’d never ask her.

    1. I don’t think she’s a lesbian because she almost married a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos.

  3. I think whoever he picks will be a drag on the ticket

    So if that’s the case why not RuPaul? Have someone in drag on the ticket?

  4. The Dems could widen the field a bit by allowing the VP pick to be someone who identifies as a woman, which, as we have all learned, is exactly the same thing.

  5. https://twitter.com/i/status/1278837925535535105

    These are the sort of commercial/campaign ads Trump needs; tell me this doesn’t work? Not enough for Biden to say he didn’t call for defunding the police, too many members of his party leftist groups have. Trump needs to hammer him on this big time, not let up. He can modify his slogan from keep America great to Keep America Safe.

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