5 thoughts on “Iran’s Nuclear Program”

  1. Sounds like the Iranians have some real talent. Too bad their leaders suffer from HIA syndrome.

  2. What are the dynamics of the leaders of Iran denying that anything out-of-the-ordinary is happening. Blowing up their stuff is an act of war, and you think they would be pounding the table in front of the UN Security Council? They don’t appear to be shy about complaining about many other things.

    A similar reaction was (not) heard from the Syrians.

    Is this similar to if your neighbor’s kid drives drunk one day over your flower garden and you raise holy heck, but if the same happens to the meth lab in the rickety shack in the back yard, you keep mum because you don’t want people to know you were cooking meth in the rickety shack?

    1. It’s more that the Iranian leadership fears looking weak if they admit it was done to them and they couldn’t stop it. So, they pretend it never happened. Ditto the Syrians.

  3. Happy they are being thwarted by nature or someone else. All the set back by N years or whatever is a bunch of nonsense though.

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