5 thoughts on “Unprecedented Government Malfeasance”

  1. Trump’s response to coronavirus has been quite good, I’d probably give him a high B. He quickly limited travel from China where the Chinese communist party either had no control of the situation or was deliberately obfuscating the truth (it could be both and sufficient incompetence is indistinguishable from malice). Trump also delegated control and reaction to the state level and was correct in his assessment that the US is geographically too large and diverse for a blanket policy.

    My only complaint is the leeway he’s given the criminal Anthony Fauci, who is not a real doctor and hasn’t been for decades, and is some terrible combination of a bureaucrat and tenured professor…the similarity for “tenure” positions in the deep state and leftist academic institutions is unsurprising.

  2. I’m willing to grant the possibility that the Wuhan coronavirus was an accident. This time. But any strategic biowar planner whose employer is a totalitarian state actor has seen the blueprint for how to conduct such a war in the future. You infect your own, you take several thousands of your own casualties in a controlled lock down while allowing it to travel the airline network. As the bioweapon wreaks havoc by the hundreds of thousands on your enemy you offer to provide assistance (but never a vaccine) with the solem assurance that your people are suffering as well. How can you retaliate against the sad victim?

    Who knows, maybe *this* time wasn’t accidental. According to Gordon Chang, the actions of a certain Red Army Major General, newly in charge of the Wuhan Institute of Virology could bear some examination, not that you’ll get answers. There’s really no way to know, but I’m a gregarious person, once.

    Screw our liberal arts college network of healthcare victim responders. Turn response planning over to the less sanguine folks over at USAMRIID at Fort Detrick. It’s time to get serious and up our defensive game.

    In the meantime enjoy the monkey house show. And when the monkeys start to fling, be sure you have on your PPE.

  3. My gripe is with members of the pro-mask contingent who don’t know how to wear them.

    There may have been some basis to the comments from the Surgeon General back in March of “masks are little benefit to the general public.” Protective equipment isn’t some magic wand — there are procedures to follow to wear it properly.

    There are people in public life wearing those masks with a valve on the front. “I won’t get your germs but breathe mine deeply into your lungs.”

    That operating-room style mask leaves a lot to be desired in forming any kind seal around the face. Are these things in the least-bit effective? If you are going to use one of those, there is a wire on what is the top edge that kind of, sort of, can be formed to fit around your nose. I see the mayor of Portland wearing one of these masks where he hasn’t yet figure that one out.

    And don’t get me started on people who don’t figure on covering their nose, or worse yet, are wearing the fine thing around their chin.

    I am not on the “muh rights” bandwagon about not mask wearing. There is a place for social conformity, even governmental enforced conformity. Being told to wear a mask is less burdensome than being told you have to stay in your house.

    The kinds of masks available, the information on their proper use (I bought a pack of the surgical style, and any instructions are written in Chinese script), and their dodgy effectiveness make this infection-control theatre.

    1. I’ve taken to wearing a clear plastic face shield. It gains me entrance to businesses, does not hide my facial expressions, and is much easier to clean than a cloth or paper mask.

      Medically what is it doing? Well it doesn’t really matter because the whole point of masks is virtue signalling.

  4. It looks like the battle to contain the Chinese Bat Cooties has come down to forced wearing of masks and keeping the gov’t daycare centers disguised as schools closed until at least the first week of November. But that’s months away, so in about a month or so our Petty Overlords will come up with something else to show they’re in charge.

    Personally, I think masks are the equivalent of a Piece of the True Cross, or the dust from St. Polycarp’s tomb, was during the Black Death. A talisman used by the frightened and superstitious.

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