“Off-World Vehicles Not Made On This Earth”

Well, things are getting interesting.

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As noted in comments, the grays broke the link. I’ve fixed it now.

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How worried should we be that they’re buzzing our military assets?

As noted, the problem is not what we know about it, but what we don’t know.

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Today’s (other) fake news in space.

43 thoughts on ““Off-World Vehicles Not Made On This Earth””

  1. Next thing you know, those off-world vehicles will leave gouges in the stratosphere. They are a menace to the environment, I say.

        1. Yes, even worse, those bubble-helmets on their off-world vehicles are going to carve ruts on the Moon, ruining the natural formations of meteoritic rubble from the rest of us to enjoy.

          1. Don’t worry you won’t be able to distinguish the ruts from the satellite tracks that eclipse the moon.

  2. My black suit is at the cleaners. But my sunglasses are on, hey everyone take a look at this shiny object I have.

  3. All I can say for sure is that I think some UFOs are something unconventional. Maybe a secret military program, maybe some odd undescribed natural phenomenon, maybe even aliens, but something.

    I strongly believed that the whole thing was nothing but swamp gas, crazy people, and hoaxes. Until I saw one. Talk about a fast way to shatter a certitude.

    1. Yea agree it got to be more than hoaxes and crazy people. Though with the proliferation of Camera phones/Dash cams/security cam surprised we haven’t had a lot more footage from multiple sources of this stuff. Only incident I can remember is the Phoenix incidents which I think they chalk up to flares from training flights. We have several time we get multiple footage of a meteorite/boloid though suppose those might happen far more often.

      Though this Eric Davis sounds like he might be a crank with a degree and looks like he has successfully got some funding by being a crank. We know dingy Harry is a crank.

      Interesting article on the Tic Tac thought most of the release infrared footage was from beyond visual range and pilots never got close. Always been underwhelmed by the long range imaging non visual sensors suspecting reflection/refraction or emmistivity artifacts.

      1. In another article, one of the crewmen said that some of the video the Navy had was much higher quality than what was released to the public. It was reported that helicopters landed and took all the records away with them after telling everyone to keep their mouths shut.

          1. I’ll compromise with you Paul. How about black helicopters piloted by little grey people?

          2. When the Roton prototype was built in 1999, one wag suggested that it be left in black graphite and not painted so that we could have “Black helicopters… from Spaaaace!”

  4. I strongly believed that the whole thing was nothing but swamp gas, crazy people, and hoaxes. Until I saw one.

    Well, post your video somewhere. I’m sure we’d all be interested.

    1. Jim, I can’t post a video, as I have none. I have no proof.

      My sighting of a UFO (And I use the term literally, an unidentified flying object) was in the late 90’s. I was working in my parents’ backyard, just after dark. There was a full moon out, very bright. I was bending down to pick up my hammer, and noticed I had two shadows – one stronger, and moving. I whipped around to look, and saw something. It was a slightly ovoid disk, about the same angular diameter as the full moon, and perhaps twice as bright as the moon. It was glowing uniformly white (as near as I could tell), and moving across the sky fairly rapidly. It made a slight turn of maybe 10 degrees, and vanished behind the hill the house was on after a few seconds. And that was it.

      I can’t say how big it was, I just don’t know because I don’t know how high it was (other than it had to be high enough to go over the hill). It made no sound, and left no trail. Its angular change of aspect means it probably was at least supersonic. I’ve seen plenty of meteor fireballs over the years, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that. Likewise, re-entering space junk. The sky was clear, no storm activity of any sort. The only thing I can swear to is I saw something I cannot explain.

      I make no claim as to what it was, because I just do not know. What I do know is that it radically changed my opinion regarding UFOs. I now believe that there are unexplained airborne phenomenon of some kind. I just have no clue what they are.

      1. Well I cut this from my earlier post but reading CJ stuff here my,
        Closest thing I’ve seen that can’t exactly explain flying up the eastern seaboard at night 25 to 30 years ago as a young lad. At night looking out the window seeing something was illuminating the ground and reflecting off roofs of houses, passing through cul-da-sacs, with a circle of illumination like a spot light for a good distance and time ~ 5-10 minutes and was for the most part keeping up the same relative angle as the view from the plane. Had even pointed it out to my mother who saw it too. Think we were landing in NH and were south of New York City and I believe doing one of these. Was going to ask the pilot about it at departure but at time ground personal were talking to him when we got to the front. Dunno if it maybe just lights from the plane and were at lower altitude than I would of thought, doubt any helicopter could of kept up. Forgot if it was a full moon that night, though think clouds would block the view and not be illuminated, lost it once we went through NYC.

  5. Anyone who has listened to the SpaceShow has probably heard of Dr James Woodward. The episodes with him are really interesting. In one episode, a listener noted that if his theory works as described, that it is a form of time travel. Here he is in 2016, giving a presentation at the Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop.

    Listen to the question or go back a little to catch the whole exchange but the answer is the important part.


    1. Woodward was coming off a bad infection at the time of the Estes conference and clearly wasn’t feeling well. Bur his energy and enthusiasm made up for it. They were lucky he attended.

      I’ve fairly well convinced myself the EM frustum cavities are a poor substitute for a bar magnet. We can ignore the issue of microwaves bouncing around inside because of the violation of conservation of momentum and just go with the net effect of magnetic polarization. No one to my knowledge has put an EMDrive inside Helmholtz Coils to neutralize the Earth’s geomagnetic field to see if the thrust disappears. I predict it will.

      Haven’t studied the Woodward Mach effect drive at all. I know roughly it has to do with relativistic mass fluctuations in a reaction mass coupled to piezoelectric oscillators. That’s about the extent of my knowledge. It is very different in principle from Shawyer’s EMDrive.

      The Jose’ mentioned as a modeler in the talk is Dr. Jose Rodal. I’m also very interested in Dr. Harold White’s work on Casimir Effect propulsion.

      At Woodward points out, long ways to go.

      1. Yes.

        I had been listening to this presentation and it was winding down. I was about to go to a new video and unprompted, he drops that story.

    2. The whole problem with time travel is the Earth is moving through space relative to the origin point of the Big Bang at some not unsubstantial fraction of C.

      If you went back in time one hour, you would be sitting in empty space.

      1. You should listen to his appearances on the Space Show. IIRC, this aspect of time travel is not the one fantasized about in popular media but based on some ignored variable in one of Einstein’s equations.

      2. Well not exactly up on all the math but isn’t a good portion of that translation from the big bang point just the expansion of space? The Sun around milky way, would still put you in empty space.

        1. Just going back into time relative to the motion of the earth around the sun alone would dump you 65,000 miles from your current position.

  6. Robert Zimmerman is as full of himself as ever. I taje it that his attitude on the upcoming presidential election would be, “How ignorant reporters are. the United States has been holding presidential elections for over two hundred years, yet they act as though it has never happened before. Nothing can possibly be said about this election that hasn’t been said about the last fifty eight, so they should ignore it and ask me what I think about things.”

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