4 thoughts on “The Leftist Indoctrination Mills”

  1. Given that a well-regulated militia is necessary for a free state, and given that federal law defines the unorganized militia as male citizens between 17 and 45, our schools should be preparing students to exercise that right and responsibility as citizens by the time they’re high school juniors.
    Teachers should be exemplary citizens. Being armed should be a job requirement.
    Instead, teachers’ unions fight against arming even the teachers for the students protection.
    That’s like forbidding teachers to be able to read.
    I regard unarmed teachers as proof that the educational establishment is working to raise subjects, mere proles, instead of citizens.

      1. @Wodun: nod-nod.
        And for exactly that reason, I don’t want them near, much less teaching, our children.
        I do want them to, ahem, wake up and arm themselves privately–that is their right, as it is mine. But they’ve forfeited the privilege of teaching in public schools.

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