Bill Barr Testifies

Here is his opening statement. The hearing has apparently been delayed because Nadler was in an auto accident this morning, but he’s apparently uninjured.

[Update at noon PDT]

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[Afternoon update]

[Wednesday-morning update]

The top ten moments from the hearing.

22 thoughts on “Bill Barr Testifies”

  1. Not bad as an opening statement.

    Too bad Nadler screwed up his own hearing time, and now has time to shoot propaganda holes the size of an 18-wheeler through it, that the enemedia will quote to their hearts content.

  2. Gutfeld makes a good point. The riots are sexy and some people think they will never happen in their town but the people who organized those riots also organized them in DC and they control a significant number of congressional seats as well as state and local governments.

    People want to pretend the the rioters are rando but they aren’t. Democrats can put millions of people in the streets and they can get career government workers to show that same devotion to party. Think of the level of brainwashing it takes to get people to support mob violence and engage in it and how it takes less to get worker bees to bend the rules and persecute their political opponents.

    You aren’t a racist are you? Silience is being complicit. If Hitler were alive today, what would you do to stop him? It isn’t enough to merely agree, you must take action at school, in your job, on your free time, and in your dreams.

    1. It’s like terrorism, well it is terrorism.
      The hope I guess, is to win the election with Trump, but it’s going to be landside election.
      Or the news media and dems, elected Trump last time, and repeating the same thing this time.
      It’s suicidal. It seems the dems can’t simply resign to avoid further disgrace. All these mayors should resigned weeks ago. But seems the only way a dem will ever resign is when the dem mob wants them out.
      Anyway, maybe you don’t like Trump, but one always have choose the lesser of the two evils.
      And zombie Biden is pretty hard to get more evil.
      If had to choose between Hillary or Biden, who would you pick?
      At least Hillary just refused to accept losing the election, Biden was part of the crime, of overthrowing a duly elected President.
      Sure Hillary is straight out criminal, but Biden a special type of High Crime criminal.
      And now, Trump has track record of actually following his campaign promises- sort of a superstar among normal politicians.
      And Pence is competent.
      How is there any rational choice other than Trump?
      How about Ronald Reagan vs Trump if both were in their second term- sure, Ronald Reagan would been a bit younger. But I think Trump has the better vice president.

      1. For my wife and I, we are also voting for the evil of two lessers, but in our case, we’re going with Biden. Why? The main reason is that Trump has done nothing to stop the flood of H1-B immigrants from India, taking thousands, if not millions of jobs from American engineers. We voted for him in 2016, despite his multiple marriages(we never voted for RR because of his divorce) because we didn’t want HRC.
        I got back Monday the 27th from a two week working vacation in the midwest, and talked with a lot of people on politics, as well as the subject of my research. A relative owns a number of small town newspapers in one state, and he told me that he wouldn’t dare accept ads from any Republican candidate for fear of losing his subscribers. I talked with several engineers in Kansas, Nebraska, NM and AZ. Most are going to either support Joe or will stay home election day. I didn’t talk with one engineer who planned on voting for the Donald.
        Other than the H1-B issue, the 2A debate has been very important to us, but we are willing to surrender our firearms if Biden wins. I’m considered a “Fudd” since I don’t own any semi-auto weapons, rifle or pistol, and banning them won’t cause me any anxiety.
        At the state and local level this year, living in Ohio, we are also voting straight Democratic, thanks to “Comrade” DeWine and his mask orders. We’ve let the state Republican party know that we won’t be sending any donations.

        1. Regarding the H1-B visa issue, are you aware that Trump has suspended them?

          I’d have preferred this action much sooner, but at least it’s something. It’s also rather the opposite of what you’ll be inflicting on the country if Biden wins – Biden will make things a great deal worse on the immigration front, H1-B included.

          If you care about engineering jobs, you might also want to take a very close look at Biden’s history with China.

        2. People like you are one of the reasons why I gave up on the Republicans several elections ago. You are so ready to throw the baby out because the bathwater is icky.

          We are in a cultural war (in the sense of Mao’s cultural war) where your very existence is at stake and you want to huff about divorce, guns and H1-B, for which Trump has done as much as he can without Republican congressional support.

          1. So you’re gonna vote for a whole set of clowns who are enabling and supporting what is going on the past few years, and blame the Republicans for not prioritizing your obscure pet issues while pasty suburban white boys are rioting in Democrat controlled areas and Democrats conspire to overthrow an election? Damn, that’s genius. I wish I’d thought of that.

            Yes, another Purity Conservative speaks. A sub-species of the Never Trump, Life-Long Republicans who are forced to vote for Democrats on a straight party ticket because The Bad Orange Man needs to be stopped. People like that are so self-destructively stupid that they deserve what the Dems have already announced they are going to do to you.

        3. “The main reason is that Trump has done nothing to stop the flood of H1-B immigrants from India, taking thousands, if not millions of jobs from American engineers. ”

          You think Biden will be any different in that regard?

        4. ….we’re going with Biden. Why? The main reason is that Trump has done nothing to stop the flood of H1-B immigrants from India, taking thousands, if not millions of jobs from American engineers.

          “Trump Suspends New H-1B Visas Through 2020
          Green card ban extended through Dec. 31″
          resident Donald Trump signed an executive order June 22 restricting foreign nationals from outside the U.S. from using certain temporary employment-based visas through the end of the year and extending a green card ban enacted in April through Dec. 31.

          The order freezes access to new H-1B visas used by professional and technology workers; H-4 visas awarded to the spouses of H-1B holders; H-2B visas used by seasonal workers in landscaping and hospitality; L-1 visas for executives and managers transferred within companies; and J-1 visas issued to interns, trainees or people on work-study summer programs.

          Visa holders already in the U.S. or with already approved visas are exempted from the ban, as are health care workers focused on treating and researching COVID-19 and those working in the nation’s food supply chain. Foreign national workers inside the U.S. may continue to apply for extensions of their currently valid visa status or seek an adjustment or change of status. The order takes effect June 24.
          In fiscal year 2019, about 139,000 new H-1B petitions were approved (another 250,000 were extended); 77,000 L-1 visas were issued, as well as 66,000 H-2B visas for seasonal workers. There were about 200,000 new J-1 workers hired in 2018, according to the latest data available.

          Trump had previously imposed a 60-day ban on green cards issued abroad, which was set to expire June 22. That order was aimed at certain family members of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who reside abroad, and it effectively bypassed foreign nationals sponsored for employment visas.”

          So Don we will see you at the polls hopefully voting for Trump. Especially if he manages to replace the ailing Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Amy Coney Barrett.

          1. “I’m not going to vote $this_year’s_Republican because he does this thing I don’t like (but I won’t mention that $this_year’s_Democrat would be much worse on)” is pretty much the defining characteristic of the Moby.

            (See if you’re not aware of what a Moby is, but maybe not on a computer where you’re subject to WebSense or the like)

      2. “The hope I guess, is to win the election with Trump, but it’s going to be landside election.”


        I think it has a secondary purpose which is to de-legitimize the Trump victory, and the third purpose is to set up the next phase of the “Resistance” for the next 4 years.

        The Left doesn’t give up.

        1. Everything thing do is to set up the next move or if they lose, to have a series of next best outcomes. They are deceitful schemers.

          Republicans are much more straight forward.

          1. And, Wodun, Republicans are much more splintered. Not unified. And certainly not unified in pushing Conservative ideals.

            A large part of the Republicans are “unified” in making sure their rice bowls aren’t tipped.

    2. To paraphrase something I read once….

      And Winston stood opposite the charred black on yellow Black Lives Matter poster with tears streaming down his cheeks. The hole that had been punched through his heart had finally been filled. In the grey of the ash colored sky, strewn in embers of the city all around him, he had finally realized the truth. With pitchfork and lit torch in hand, he knew, he loved Big Narrative.

  3. Wasn’t there this Federal installation called Fort Sumter? It took a while, but it didn’t end well for the people who laid siege to it? And were outraged that a Republican president would make this a national concern?

  4. My wife noted that Barr’s hearing, and that of the tech giant CEOs, reflected what delusional idiots we have in Congress. In a battle of wits with either Barr or people who created multi-billion dollar companies, pretty much all members of the House and Senate are unarmed.

    1. Except that they do have one weapon- they used it in the Barr hearings as well as the Russian hearings and the impeachment hearings:

      They keep the invited guest from saying anything other than what they want them to say. The level of rudeness and control shown by the Dems in the Barr hearing was phenomenal. I have to hand it to Barr – I would have lashed out.

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