6 thoughts on “The Lewis Eulogies”

  1. I doubt that the Lewis family would have let him. But he could have done it during his press briefing today.

  2. Yes.
    Who led the Partisan Boycott of Trump’s Inauguration? John Lewis.
    Who has denigrated Trump’s presidency at every opportunity? Ditto
    Did anyone think this wouldn’t be Partisan Photo Op?

    But more importantly, as polarized as things are “Why would anyone care?” The young probably think Selma Bridge is the name of a Rap Band — it’s like the 60’s! Ancient History, Man! The Partisan Democrats weren’t going to vote for him anyway. The ‘Independent’ Adults might, just might, wonder if Trump eulogizing a virulent political enemy would be Patronizing Lies and better left unsaid.

  3. Trump would not have been welcome. It might have caused an actual scene given the virulent hatred the left has for him.

    Trump did fly the White House flag at half mast. It wont’ buy him anything but to have NOT done that would have cost him.

    Better to stay out of it. Besides there are plenty of opportunities and methods Trump can use to peel off African-American votes from the Democrats.

  4. Yes, but agree with others above that it still would have been awkward. Unfortunately, Trump will get another chance by giving an eulogy to Herman Cain.

  5. Obama is such a horrible person. He is always scapegoating Republicans for things Democrats did and spouts the same Marxist stuff that the Antifa wing of the Democrat party does. Go watch some of the videos on Obama’s youtube channel, scary stuff.

  6. At best, this would have resulted in no real positive gain among those in that particular audience, and at worse, it would have been worse. However, he is already winning the blacks over by his numerous policies that have been favorable for them.

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