How to talk to your employers about it.

I would tell my employer that this was bullshit.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Yes, I know that white text on black background is hard on the eyes. I’m looking for contact information to tell them that.

[Update a few minutes later]

OK, if you click on the little lightbulb icon at the upper right, it fixes it.

[Update a few minutes later]

Related: Youtube throws in the towel.

Just temporarily, I suspect. This nonsense will continue, and it has to be continually pushed back against.

6 thoughts on ““Anti-Racism””

  1. I think it’d be better to bring up legal issues and costly settlements. Trying to describe what’s wrong using the language of critical social justice is like trying to describe what’s wrong with the world of 1984 using the language of 1984. It’s doubleplus unworkable because the language is part of the trap in the first place.

    For example, those New York Times “scalpings” happened because the instigators linked (spurious though it was) the hapless targets to legally actionable concepts like work-place safety. It wasn’t firing people for wrong-think, but firing people because their wrong-think endangers people in the workplace.

  2. Back about 10 years ago, when I started hearing people I knew boast that they were “antiracist.” I was baffled. Who among us was “proracist?” In fact, the only discernable racists I knew were a couple of Scientologists, so it seemed like bragging you were “anticrazy.” Little did I suspect what was to come. I call that failure of imagination on my part.

    1. Anyone who doesn’t join the club must be racist. Asking questions about how the club is explicitly racist itself or denying your own racism is a sign of white supremacy.

      Read this tweet thread. This is what the government in Seattle is making government workers participate in. Is it just in Seattle? Nope, this is what they teach in college, so its in elementary schools, HR departments, and career government workers are implementing this ideology all over the country.


  3. I must be racist, I don’t have any Caucasian employees at this time, all Hispanic.

    Back when black guys were a substantial part of the local construction work force, there was a simple test of who was and was not racist. If they spent serious effort claiming they weren’t, they almost certainly were. To work well with the black guys, I developed a simple technique. I would say on the first day, “I’m a racist, can you deal with that?”. All the top hands had some variation on, “You can be any damn thing you want to be on your own time as long as the money is straight.” These were people I could do business with and learn from. They could figure out later on that I wasn’t in the business of screwing people over regardless of color. They were relaxed because they didn’t see me as pretending to be something I’m not. I never met one with the victim attitude that was doing anything with his life.

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