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  1. Was that before or after the WH meeting where Comey and Yates were present? Then the day after he (Comey) went to Trump Tower to inform the President-Elect of the Steele Dossier and the non existent ‘pee-tape’. After which he called his pal, former DNI James Clapper who then leaked the story to CNN. Rogue or by the book? Seems to me they made sure the right people were on it.

    1. Her use of “going rogue” means “look at him, not at me!” She’s trying to play the innocent here. Of course, nothing will likely ever come of any of this. The US is a banana republic now, where those in power (elected and unelected) are almost untouchable.

  2. Going rogue = Yates was too dumb to notice what was going on till Obama and Comey rubbed her nose in it.

    From her account of that after-meeting, it really does sound like they assumed she already knew.

  3. Yates was the first explicit member of “The Resistance”, instructing her minions to ignore President Trump’s executive order limiting immigration from other countries, among them Muslim countries. She brain-deadedly asserted that the President was interfering with the “independent nature” of the DoJ – which is an executive level department whose director reports directly to the President. In many other countries, she would have been shot.

    That she’s throwing Comey under the bus is an indication of things to come, IMHO.

    1. Her calculus is simple. If she can provide disinformation of any form, even a deflection from her to another, that can postpone anything from Barr or Durham until after the election; then there is a chance Biden wins and all of this is forgotten. That is her’s and everyone else involved ticket for remaining out of jail and keeping a pension.

      1. …and keeping a pension.
        Well all except for McCabe. Maybe CNN will make him an honorary Ted Turner and vest his pension with them.

  4. So it looks like Comey is going to be the patsy? It will be interesting hearing from him. Hopefully he’s kept some documentation and proof that can be used against the other felons involved in this case.

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