6 thoughts on “The Truth Of Racism”

  1. Racist is an inadequate word with which to label a person. As with other words ending with the “ist” suffix, it can be either good or bad depending on the point of view of the person using it.

    Consider the capitalist and the communist. Those labels have either positive or negative connotations depending upon your political belief system.

    Further, deriding a person as a racist is a failure to appreciate different races and cultures. Who would fault a Black man, or a Hispanic woman for loving, and even preferring their own race or culture?

    Similarly, it can be proven historically that, on the whole, most kinds of people are more comfortable in associating within their identified group, than without it. You see this everywhere in every land. The ex-pats group together. Why are there Chinatowns in major cities? I could go on with examples of different races and cultures. This is why forced de-segregation was a failure from the beginning.

    Some people are connoisseurs of diverse cultures and enjoy experiencing them, diving into the experience. Most of us though are cultural homebodies who prefer the familiar.

    If you strip a Black or Chinese or Jew of his identity and background, he is likely to hate you and fight against you. As a White man, I love and prefer my own kind. That doesn’t make me a hateful bigot. If a group wants to demean and strip my kind, then I will likely hate them with a just hatred and fight against it. This is the true danger lying ahead of us that will lead to civil war.

  2. Didn’t you know that it’s racist to think you’re not a racist?

    It’s like coffee – you’re racist if you like it, and racist if you don’t.

    Okay, I’m just making fun of the left above, but on a serious note, the shrieking wokescolds are the ones who are actually racist.

    Civil war? That would be horrible – but not as horrible as being ruled by the fascist, racist left.

      1. And they twist words and definitions to claim they can not be racists no matter what they do. Convenient.

  3. I was told in all seriousness: “The only reason I can see to not vote for Obama is Racism!”

    How do you answer that assertion? Shortly afterwards he decided to unfriend me… People are waving the “RAYCISSS” flag very freely these days.

  4. There’s an interesting article in The Tablet about the recent race obsession.

    How the Media Led the Great Racial Awakening

    Years before Trump’s election the media dramatically increased coverage of racism and embraced new theories of racial consciousness that set the stage for the latest unrest

    It has lots and lots of graphs that illustrate the moral panic. For example, the use of the terms “systemic/structural/institutional racism” in the Washington Post increased by about a factor of 20 from 2013 to 2020. At virtually every major media outlet, the racism references form a hockey stick.

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