7 thoughts on “Ceres”

  1. Pfft Ceres is a light weight can’t even clear it orbital path, next you be telling me that puny Pluto which can’t even keep it center of mass inside it crust should still be planet.
    Then after that you want to call Jupiter a brown dwarf and Ganymede, Callisto, Io, Europa planets.

  2. Sounds like Ceres could be a fast and easy source of water for Mars or Venus should terraforming ever become a thing.

  3. I’d certainly rather have had Ceres considered a planet than have Pluto demoted. The idea that planethood needed to be some kind of exclusive club is nonsensical.

    And no, dang it, I’m not even against considering some moons planets; the criteria needn’t take notice of its orbital primary not being a star, if we’re going to fiddle around with the definitions anyway.

    1. We could make new terms. Why try and fit everything into two words?

      Also, Pluto is a planet no matter what sime jerks say.

  4. Water world dwarf planet seems good enough for me.

    How long before we take 1/2 it’s water.
    Would it collapse like the Klingon moon?

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