4 thoughts on “A Mission To Venus”

  1. I wish them good luck! Venus is hard, but not all that much harder than anything else out there, and I’m endlessly curious about that planet. Plus it’s been so bright and lovely in the mornings lately.

  2. My question is: do they have a microphone? The damned Mars landers routinely omit a microphone (one was carried on a lander that failed to land), and of course the Huygens lander on Titan didn’t have one. WTF? Audio bandwidth is trivial compared with imaging, and we get so much out of it. Who wouldn’t be interested in hearing what the sound environment is like on another planet? Apparently, only the people who send probes to other planets.

    1. Like the ad says: Can you hear me now? So wind sounds are fine at the beginning but what would prevent me from also sneaking aboard an iPod mini with Beatles tunes? Or for Mars maybe Elton John’s Rocket Man? The iPod would be small but what about the speaker? What if I put the headphone really really close to the mic? Could be interesting…

  3. Let’s hope the launch of this mission unlike the previous Electron Rocket firing is not “plugs out”.

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