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  1. I don’t know if human expansion off planet is economically feasible…

    Is this new for you, Rand? In the 20 odd years I’ve followed you I’ve never detected a hint of doubt. You seemed to always take it as self-evidently true.

    1. Well, I don’t know if there is mineable lunar water.
      And don’t know if anyone going determine if there is or there is not mineable lunar water.
      And government or broadly speaking “socialism” can not mine, mineable lunar water.
      I have zero fear, that China is going to “take over the Moon”.
      If China gets different government, it could have chance of doing this, and if so, I am happy if they do “take over the Moon”. But that seems pretty close to impossible.
      Biden could be elected president- and the civil war could be long and uncertain.
      I think there no chance of Biden or whoever Dems select will become President, but I am constantly amazed at all the stupidity- and I doubt few thought ancient Rome could fall- and recently I have wondered if had something to with viruses. Or the china virus seems to destroying cities- at least New York City.
      Perhaps, New York City will weather it, but what about other cities in the world?
      As far as Mars- what going to be the cost of Mars electrical power and Mars water?
      And of course don’t know long term effect of 1/3 gravity.

      I think if the Moon has mineable it make more likely one have settlements on Mars. But possible both Moon and Mars aren’t markets even if explored. Then it seems technology is needed or laws need to be changed.
      But I think the chances are in favor of human becoming spacefaring within a short time period. And now, seems like a very interesting point in time.

  2. Umm, watching one of the Mario brothers last night on TV, when did the European virus infect Wuhan?

  3. This blogger seems to think it will be over in a few weeks:


    “Now we get to the fun part: celebrating that the COVID-19 pandemic is over in most Northern countries and passed the peak in most Southern countries. In the United States, we actually have two distinct death curves, roughly divided along the 35th parallel. The Northern states are done, and the Southern states are almost done.

    In Western Europe, IT’S OVER, and it had nothing to do with how governments, or the populace, behaved. A virus does what a virus does…..

    So when will it be over in the United States?

    That’s the question you’ve patiently been waiting for me to answer. When will we be done in the United States? August 25th, just under one month from now. How do I know that? Well, I don’t know it with certainty, but it’s the date that Stanford Nobel laureate Dr. Michael Levitt picked and he’s been right on China and Sweden, so I’m going with him. Let’s explore his answer to this question and how he looks at it. ”

    In other words, when the excess death curve flattens then it’s over. The difference between excess deaths and average normal deaths is the price of Covid.

    1. It seems like it’s Europe’s turn to lead the world- and Europe is proving it’s incapable of doing this.
      India hasn’t flatten it’s curve. India has been slow to start, as has Africa.
      South America has been raging weeks and so has Mexico.
      As far as I am concerned, we don’t seem to know anything about this china virus.
      But seems India is next- and it seems unlikely India will have fewer total deaths than US.
      Currently, India has recorded: 53,014 total deaths, Brazil has 110,019, and US has 175,074 total deaths.
      US pop: 328.2 million
      Brazil: 209.5 million
      India: 1353 million
      No one knows what is happening in China or Venezuela.

      I say US will take to beginning of September- it seems US stock market doing the best predictions, maybe by August 25 [one week from now, the stock market could be going up a lot- and predicting the future.

      1. There are countries in Africa with a median age of fifteen, so they’re not going to see any great risk from Chinese Flu.

        And India is… well, India. It may well end up with the largest number of deaths, but that won’t make much of a dent in the annual death rate there.

  4. In India, more than 20,000 people die every year from rabies. There are too many things killing people in those places for wuflu to make an impression.

    1. I believe number deaths per year due to medical errors is about 170,000. How you count it is similar to question of how count the china virus.
      And I don’t think the common flu deaths per year is “accurate” as depends on how you count it, and it could higher or lower than claimed numbers.

      It seems it’s just like election polls. The important question is who paying for the polling and what does customer want in terms of numbers.
      Also if paying more money for “it” the customer could expect better accuracy. I tend to think that more money is not spent to make it more accurate, if more money spent, it’s more likely to be kept a secret- public gets the cheaper polls for “free”.

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