5 thoughts on “The California Fires”

  1. That is actually far more accurate than calling the riots/protests “mostly peaceful”. Their occasional intensification of their peaceful activities must be understood, not opposed.

  2. I think California really screwed up by sending Kamala Harris to the Senate. When she was AG she maintained a strong prison workforce who could be called upon to battle wildfires. The thousands of folks busted for weed, or innocent blacks she kept in prison, formed a critical part of California’s response teams. So those are no longer available, and the real criminal element is out of prison due to mass Covid releases, so they’re in urban areas starting fires.

  3. Defund Forest Management!
    In its place we should put tree whispers to let them know we feel their pain when the bad lightning strikes or the high tension sparks!

    In other news: New scientific studies claim westerlies off the Pacific Ocean carry airborne toxins that inhibit the brains ability to logically process information. No one is exactly sure the source of the toxins, but it has been noted that certain type of digestive emissions have similar effects on the human brain, and that the whale population off the California coast has been increasing over the past 3 decades.

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