3 thoughts on “A Great Campaign Ad”

  1. I find it very amusing that a goodly number of Democrats are oh so suddenly no, and only now, suddenly against the riots.

    The polling they are currently sitting on must be devastating for them.

    In politics, crystallizing the issue is all-important. The democrats have managed to do it, only, they did it for Donald Trump, by linking themselves to ANTIFA and BLM.

    It’s too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube on this one, though they will try. I look forward to seeing the reaction of ANTIFA and BLM when they realize that the Democrats and their MSM mouthpieces are throwing them under the bus. I suspect a few may even be angry enough to reveal a few interesting truths.

  2. There have been a lot of good ads that will never be shown on TV and I wonder what their reach is on the internet and how effective they are.

    There are some real world data that doesn’t look good for Democrats. In March, over 2.5 million guns were sold based on background checks. Another 1.7 million in May. In June, 4.9 million and 2 million more in July.

    These numbers are flawed because not all gun purchases require a background check and some people are buying more than one gun, getting a carry permit, or are getting re-checked for whatever reason.

    Industry reporting says that 40% of gun purchases are first time buyers and the same is true for ammunition purchases. The shelves reflect this as there are neither ammo or guns* on the shelves. From conversations I have had at the gun counter, they could have sold a lot more guns if they had any in stock. The local range has canceled their advanced classes and booked beginner classes at the rate of one or two a week and they are booked up until the end of October.

    *There are calibers used for hunting and there are some rifles and handguns, just not the ones that are popular. Right now, ammo and many gun models are being sold as fast as they are produced.

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