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  1. I think it isn’t so much the polices at the link so much as a refusal to hold certain groups of people to the same basic minimum standard of conduct that everyone else adheres to. The attitude and conduct that individuals put out there is responsible, in most cases, for how cops respond to them.

    1. Respectfully, not holding certain groups of people to the same basic minimum standard of conduct that everyone else adheres to is to me the definition of infantilization

      1. Accidentally replied at the bottom of the page.

        I agree with you, it just wasn’t what was talked about at the link.

  2. One one hand we are told that all black parents give their children The Talk about being nice to police officers in order to avoid being killed. On the other hand we have Wisconsin Man. What is a Democrat to think other than that black people are stupid and childlike? This has been the usual opinion among Democrats since their party was founded.

  3. When a group of people are told, over and over, that they are an oppressed and persecuted group, some of them will believe it.

    When the majority of the media is distorting the truth and outright lying “Mostly peaceful…” etc, some will believe it.

    The present media narrative is the kid, who’s white, shot black “peaceful protestors”. Who were attacking him. (peaceful attack?). At least two of the three attackers who were shot were white (And probably the third), but, no mention of that. So, rephrased, white kid shoots white attackers = racism!

    It’s also worth mentioning that most of the rioters are not from that town – but you won’t hear that, either.

    1. Was watching on of the streams and a few minutes before the shooting, some people walk briskly past the camera and the streamer says someone has a gun and some people up ahead aren’t happy about something. It turned out some was filming black block Democrats and they slapped the person’s phone and told him to stop filming.

      The streamer was in the middle of explaining the conduct black block Democrats would accept from other Democrats while they burn down building and car lots when the shooter ran by getting chased.

    2. All three were white. The white, bald, convicted pedophile was shot in the head. The activist who struck the shooter with his skateboard (instead of, say, getting the rifle out of the equation) was shot in the chest and killed. The one with a pistol (or so it seems) had his bicep blown apart but survived. He’ll probably start looting second-hand stores.

      1. It would appear that the shooter is trying to surrender to police but the armored vehicles pass him by more interested in the shooting victims than the “perp”. Who others in the crowd are shouting “he’s the dude.” After the armored vehicles move on he walks over to a parked police cruiser (the whole time arms are up with his AR slung over his chest dangling barrel down.) Either there is no one in the car or they are not interested in him. At that point he lowers his arms and probably gets the idea it would be a good time to go home. The film ends there. I do have to agree with the commenters that had he been a black kid toting an AR I don’t think he would have been able to just walk past the armored vehicles without arrest or at least being detained. And so we are back to the crux of the problem. Not taking sides, just calling it as I see it. I suspect for shootings 2 and 3 there’s a good case for self defense. For shooting 1 it is unclear if he was even involved. The videos I’ve seen are unclear. It only becomes clear after the shooting that you can identify him and gun. They might have to match bullet to gun if it remained in victim #1’s skull. Which from post shooting videos looks like there is a chance unless it was a glancing shot. Or count rounds expended if the shooter failed to empty the magazine afterwards. There is no video evidence of a reload during the 3 shootings. But the videos are very good at catching the sounds of each fired shot. I should go back and count. Not every shot heard came from the AR. You have to know the sound. Unfortunately I can’t retrieve the best video I’ve seen off Twitter that strings the three shootings together in chronological order because I didn’t save the link.

        The suspected shooter interviewed prior to the shootings:

          1. I think the prosecutors have once again overcharged. I don’t see this kid getting a murder conviction based on the video evidence so far. There are plenty of lesser charges that can be brought and I suspect they will be. I expect this kid will do time. Where were the adults?

          2. The adults were trying to kill the kid, organizing the riots, funding the “medics”, lawyers, and catering staff, and cheering on the destruction of this town.

            Where were the kid’s parents? Dad was dead. Don’t know if he lived with his mom.

            I’d tell all of these people showing up with rifles to go home but they have just as much right to be there as the Democrats and I’d tell the Democrats not to be out there larping as Progressive Marxist Revolutionaries too.

            It is a shit show and a failure of leadership from the Democrats who control these towns and police departments and who organize and fund these riots. Unless of course, this is the outcome they want and if you listen to what they say in the street, this is what they want.

    1. In related news: The Pride Train failed to arrive in Manchester’s Piccadilly Station today, due to the fact the non-binary gender based couplers would not allow the cars to attach either to each other or the locomotive. Engineers are working hard to develop non-gender-based couplers as replacements. Until then the locomotive will make the scheduled runs whilst sounding its horn loudly during the transits in a show of solidarity.

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