6 thoughts on “The Blue Cities”

  1. The only thing Calizuela politics is missing is a bright party color, maybe orange, and a governor that likes to orate from a balcony for hours. While the power is on and the radios and TVs are working.

    Developing World tip: Fill your bathtub with water first thing when the power is back on.

  2. Why? Because the late stage capitalist economy in its death throes will pay for all the unicorns and pixie dust you could ever want. They’re childishly insane.

    1. It’s like a junkie with a drug habit that’s killing them slowly. Then they find a “great new” drug which kills them faster.

  3. For some of the mayors, they may be thinking that this is an accelerated form of urban renewal. They’re counting on Democrats winning control of government and coming to their rescue with wads of cash. As with all previous forms of urban renewal, the politically connected will buy distressed or blighted property at low prices and then get richer from the reconstruction money.

    As for the riots themselves, they’ve become their own form of Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone. They exist for no other reason but to perpetuate themselves.

  4. We are in the midst of a great experiment in the tradition of our country, cities and states are allowed the freedom to choose their own path. Some have chosen to defund police departments and allow daily riots. Later voter will cast judgements on the success or failures of the policy experiments. Pass the popcorn please.

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