11 thoughts on “Riots”

  1. This won’t last forever. If Trump wins re-election and the rioting does not calm down or gets worse he should empower the DOJ and FBI to go after whoever is bankrolling these folks using RICO. Which is exactly what this law was made for. Might find a few tech oligarch’s facing exacting prison sentences when the trials are held in Kansas. I suspect many will flee the country. Fine. That too will quell the riots.

    Speaking of the FBI, WTH is going on over there? If Trump wins re-election I would urge the Donald to fire Wray and see if he can get Louis Freeh back to clean house.

    1. Democrats are both the heckler and the group in power. It is pantomime heckler’s veto where those in power organize protests to demand what the politicians want and then say they have no choice but to give in to the demands.

  2. My wife is an immigrant who did not grow up around firearms. She has shot pistols a couple times but was uneasy with the idea of having a gun in the house. I’m a former paratrooper who grew up around guns. About a month ago, my wife saw what was going on across the country and decided that it was time for us to buy a gun. I got one last week, along with a good starting supply of ammo. This is what our country is coming to. BTW, does anyone know where I can buy some more .300 Blackout? The only time you can have too much ammo is when your house is on fire or you’re sinking from carrying too much weight.

  3. Look on gunbroker.com. I just searched it, and found 137 sources of bulk 300 Blackout. cheaperthandirt.com only has 20 round boxes of Hornady in 300 Blackout.

    When the Democrats took over my state, I stocked up on 9 mm Luger, 40 cal S&W, and 5.56 mm NATO. Glad I did.

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