Nineteen Years

Stephen Kruiser has some reflections on the anniversary, as does Glenn. As Stephen notes, there are now young adults who have very little memory of that day. In some ways, the changes that event wrought in the nation were greater than those from Pearl Harbor (my grandparents were about the same age for that event as I was on 911). Unfortunately, few of them were for the better. Next year, for the twentieth anniversary, I hope that the current crises will be in the rear-view mirror, but I fear that they won’t be, regardless of the outcome of the election.

4 thoughts on “Nineteen Years”

  1. I’ve been thinking lately that Peter Thiel’s quip “We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters” gets to the heart of the matter. Even if the social media companies had no agendas of their own there would still be massive real world effects. I know someone who is now convinced of the fourth different Covid conspiracy theory she got from social media, in addition to freaking out about the riots (halfway across the continent) and the election.

    1. The riots have caused so much damage to people’s lives and wiped out the comparative worth of many countries’ GDP. They have been happening coast to coast and while the recent ones are the most visible, they are part of an organized campaign of violence inflicted on the populace over the last five years. Before their were riots, these same people, Democrats, were acting the same way on college campuses and various speaking events.

      Since it is the Democrat base acting this way with full support of their elected officials, of collegiate institutions, the media, and of NGO’s, it is something everyone should be concerned about.

  2. “As hardly anyone has noticed, Trump’s mideast peace deals have pulled the teeth of Islamic terror — without funding from the Saudis and the other rich Arab states, these “grassroots” terror movements miraculously disappear, just as the “people-based” communist revolutions vanished as soon as the Soviet Union went belly-up and quit funding them.”

    The way you end wars is by going after the means of production. This is why we never had a decisive victory in Afghanistan. We never went after the means of production centered in Pakistan and other Islamic countries providing men and money. Trump has shown that this doesn’t have to be done with just the military but could this have been accomplished absent our recent history? Who knows?

    Trump’s foreign policy is shaping up to be one of tying up loose ends, stabilizing our global footprint, and strengthening the capabilities of our country, but also our allies.

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