4 thoughts on “A Market For Moon Rocks”

  1. That’s $50,000/kg ($22,675.74/lb in real units), or $1.889.65/ Troy ounce. Gold’s closing spot price today was $1,955.40, so that’s “reasonable.” All you need is a transportation system to go to the Moon and back, and grab a 500 gram sample, take the $25,000.00, and make a profit of -$1 billion or so. That’s assuming that the $1 million it took you to write the proposal resulted in an award, and the $2 million or so it would cost to get all of the government “approvals” resulted in success.

    What a business!

    1. Better than that, you don’t need to bring the samples back per the article, just leave them in their sample cases on the moon. Great way to make money, clutter up the moon with garbage cans.

      Is Rogozin one of the old-time Communists? Sure sounds like one.

  2. It makes sense because it builds up capabilities step by step and they could be used at other locations in the solar system. However, how far will they get before a Starship can land on the Moon?

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