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  1. “Direct cooperation with a government body that is directly responsible for the imprisonment and genocide of a certain group of religious peoples is one that cannot, and will not, go overlooked.”

    The bottom line seems to be: If this is ignored by the MSM, does it really matter? We will see, but I’m not optimistic.

  2. Disney wanted to do a Live-Action version of Mulan with real, live authentic Chinese actors… Probably because shooting the film in New Mexico with a horde of Whites, Hispanics, and a few Asiatics would send the Wokesters into a frothing tizzy. (No cultural appropriation, or Black Face, or whatever ya know?)

    The screenshot shows the standard boilerplate that every live-action film has in the closing credits noting all of the local government, military and police organizations that made their film possible. No more and no less.

    Is DisneyCorp sucking up to the CCP? Yes, you bet. But that is a different issue.

    1. I saw too. When the pension plans start to make noise will be real news. I’m not even sure that a “stakeholder” has to be a shareholder, usually not. Maybe the government should audit them to make sure that they never did any business with anyone on the Entities List.

    1. Wanna bet they couldn’t put the right one or two organizations on the list and make it impossible to release a movie in China? As I understand it, they have to get clearance from several different places in the government.

      Stopping filming would be even easier. Even here, you can’t do anything on location without dealing with different police forces.

    2. Agree. A “woke” company like Disney doesn’t stop until the company is a burned out hulk. It will take more than a few disgruntled stock holders to cure the disease.

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