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  1. “I very much fear that it will not end well. ”
    I think your link not going where you wanted to go.

    Trump going to win in landslide.
    And Rep will have both Houses.

      1. Most people are living cities and town, according US constitution cities and total numbers of people aren’t all that is counted.
        It’s balanced, and founders were great fans of farmers, and fans of States being able to be actual States. So to minimize conflict {maybe also to stop people in cities from starving- and so one could even see that as favorable to cities] we got US president and US Senators being weighted individual States- whereas the House of Representatives {also known as the People’s House] was given all power in terms taxation and governmental spending- and it more represents the popular vote. And as we noticed it is the House of Representatives that can remove the US president- assuming also that Senate determines a serious law was broken by US President- but such recent trial was considered unwarranted, and was dismissed by Senate.

        But I could say an electoral landslide {which Trump got last time} and I meant winning the popular vote and winning another electoral landslide.

        1. Obviously Blue States are imprisoning a lot of their people, and they will probably be mostly vote no, to such treatment.
          And if they going to be freed from this jail, it seems, it’s getting a bit late for that to work.
          They probably want Change.
          And it’s undeniable, that Trump is Change. And driving Lefties and a significant amount the established Reps, utterly bonkers.
          And think Trump is right about “energy”- he got the energy- and Joe is quite sleepy. {keep in mind, the kind of “an angry Joe” is not what meant by energy- it’s more like, OK boomer}
          And should noted that uniting the establishment and lefties- that is quite amazing stuff.
          Most people are obviously not the establishment and/or lefties, nor have a lot of sympathy for them.
          Though it’s pretty likely Trump will lose badly in the vote of DC {like he did last time}. But those DC “peaceful protests” will be helping a tiny bit to get some DC votes for Trump.

          In terms percentage of popular vote- it depends amount fraud, but with a lot fraud, maybe a bit over 50%, or 51%
          Of course we still long way in political time before elections bounces 1 or 2 % either way or more in this time period is likely, but I am counting on Trump finishing strong {though what happens if he gets sick- always possible, plus lots of things could happen- but the same applies on Dem side of things. But things looking better than for Trump as compared to few months ago. And as everyone says, if dems merely kept mouths shut, they would have much greater chance to win- but of course that’s very unlikely.
          It always seems all pols are battling in order to lose their elections- and dems seem to be in full scale war {and getting asses kicked badly, again, as they commonly do}.

      2. Anecdotally, I have been seeing a lot of Democrats turn against their party. WalkAway is a thing and a lot of the people walking away are minorities. College educated white progressive marxists are the most gullible but a lot of more normal people look at what is happening to the Democrat party with horror. Polling backs this up.

        I don’t know how the election will play out but I’m skeptical of Biden having lots of support. There isn’t visible evidence of it.

  2. –I THINK I MAY HAVE MENTIONED THE IMPORTANCE OF ZINC ONCE OR TWICE, ALONG WITH VITAMIN D: Lower zinc levels in the blood are associated with an increased risk of death in patients with COVID-19.
    Posted at 12:58 pm by Glenn Reynolds–

    So, it seems Trump pills and don’t need wear mask, and take zinc and vitamin-D. And also spend some time in sun.
    Indoor and crowded, is not a risk I would take- and would doubt masks would protect a person, but whole indoor crowd wearing masks probably helps everyone a little bit, it seems high intensity of viral load is quite dangerous- and seems we still have very little data about that.

  3. The republicans winning the house and keeping the senate doesn’t mean much, as Codevilla mentioned in his article, we have progressives in a bi-party coalition.

    Proof of that is that Trump has had to fight with the R’s as much as the D’s to get any kind of legislative edge. He’s been reduced to using the executive orders hammer.

    TDS is firmly rooted in the Republican party. I abandoned the republicans for all these reasons above, and came out of voter retirement in 2016 to vote for the anti-politician Trump. To the extent that he can burn out the progressive anti-American, anti-constitutional elements in our government (elected or appointed), he will continue to have my full support. Republican senators or congressmen, not so much.

  4. The election will come down to what people do in the privacy of the voting booth. Any races, where the Democrats are in control, that are close enough to manipulate will be lost.

    A Republican sweep wouldn’t solve the problem but it beats the alternative. Too many safe seats are handed out as pay offs. The competitive ones tend to go to whoever is willing to spend their own money and kiss the ring of the GOPe. The no hopes go to whoever is willing to run.

    My personal opinion is that aren’t enough people insane enough to vote for Biden for him to win. But then I’m rarely imaginative enough to outguess the stupidity of the average user, a professional failing. Even if I’m right, I assume that many will turn around and vote for only slightly less insane candidates in other races.

    What remains to be seen is whether the investigations of antifa and blm will actually come to a conclusion in time to make a difference now or only to announce indictments in 2028. That seems to be the direction of the so called Durham Investigation. All investigation, no resolution. Any clearing of the Justice Department had better account for a lot of incompetence as well as corruption.

    The “peaceful protests” don’t seem to get much traction where the police are willing and able to react appropriately. I think the organizations behind them are thin. Assuming a Trump victory, we’ll see.

  5. I just finished Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic, and have just started Indian Country. His description of the post-Split, dystopian blue states is stunningly parallel to the Covid-19/George Floyd blue states of today. The frightening thing is how quickly it all came about in reality, compared to the relatively slow pace of degeneration depicted in his novels.

    We need to prepare for some very, very hard times to come.

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