10 thoughts on ““Trump Was Right””

  1. As Scott Adams might say, “that cat has been on the roof a very long time”
    Drip, drip, more evidence that Obama and Biden were part of presidential coup.
    And that and more will only significantly strengthen the case that Obama was the worst US President in US history.
    Also strengthen case that Obama did more damage to Dem party as compared to anyone else.
    Did he do deliberately? How could one do so damage by “mistake”. Also he may ended the FBI- certainly crippled it.
    Scott say it’s why we have Joe as Dem candidate- he had know about it {and evidence he did} yet also Joe can easily controlled, so makes him best choice of any possible choices
    I always thought they picked Joe, because it like, “Let’s use Joe to jump into volcano”. Which somewhat close to Scott’s current take on it.
    Anyhow, I think we can all stop thinking that this might some kind of elder abuse, rather it’s just old guy who is continuing to abuse the American public. Only and solely a criminal, a perverted creepy, evil criminal AND as obvious as appears to be.

    1. To Obama, the damage doesn’t matter because destroying our institutions and Republicans’ respect for them furthers the Progressive Marxist Democrats’ goal of attacking the legitimacy of the existence of our country.

      Progressive Marxists have already turned the Democrats against our country. They support the abuse of power against dissidents as a form of vengeance. This in turn causes the dissidents to reject our social compact.

      Democrats want to destroy our form of governance and society. Helping them do that by responding in a way that furthers their goals ensures they win in the long run, even if they lose the revolution they are starting.

      Trump was the victim of a coup after Democrats used the full force of the federal government to spy on his campaign and rig the election with the full cooperation of the Fourth Estate. It was the total subversion of our system. He could have been vindictive and responded with the same abuse of power used against him and been the authoritarian he is often attacked as but he didn’t do that. Trump responded by adhereing to our system and rebuilding our institutions.

      Any other establishment Republican would have been rolled by this operation and they would have treated whoever the Republican nominee/President was the same way. Trump can see what is happening and what is at stake, which most of our credential leadership class doesn’t, especially the NeverTrump right.

      In spite of what Trump has been going through, he has carried in with the job and has done quite well, all things considered. His biggest weakness seems to be his mouth but time is proving that many of the insults he has been attacked for, are accurate descriptions. He has earned his place in the pantheon of our most notable Presidents and time will tell his ultimate ranking.

      1. If I ‘splain myself, the tactic is delay, delay, stonewall, stonewall and after that, “Big deal, that’s yesterday’s news.”

        1. Rand, is there a way to add an Upvote feature to the comments? It’s probably a feature of WordPress.

          Paul’s right.

  2. If Trump gets re-elected I would expect a full-scale housecleaning over at the FBI. Of course if the Dems keep the House that’ll be considered more grounds for impeachment. Just like appointing a SCOTUS Justice today is grounds for impeachment, unlike Obama.

    Trump should fire Wray and then task A.G. Barr with recommending a replacement. Wished we’d had Barr from the get-go not Sessions. Not that Sessions is a bad person, just an awful pick for AG and the Dems and their Deep State allies knew it and took advantage and we lost 3 years or the first half of the new administration. Amazing what got done regardless.

  3. Frustrating, isn’t it? Wray and the IG have been slow walking this stuff out at a snail’s pace. Since there’s a “no indictments 60 days prior to an election” rule it seems he they were highly successful.

    I mentioned the coup attempt to Biden voters and their reaction is “it’s just a conspiracy theory”. Since there’s been no idictments I can’t blame them. The paper work may verify bad stuff happened, but Biden supporters aren’t going to read it. I understand now why Trump was so upset with his AG and DOJ. “Sad”.

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