8 thoughts on “LA’s Failed Homeless Policy”

  1. I like Amy a lot, and that’s a great write up, but I have a strong sense of obligation to address this:

    I’m writing this from California. I’m sure there are many Americans from outside this state—not to mention foreign readers—whose response to all of this is that we left-coast utopians are merely getting what we deserve. But remember, for better or worse, my state has a long history of exporting cultural and political trends to the rest of the world.

    First of all, hasn’t it been at least the majority of a half-century since “better” can be applied there without involving a joke punchline? And isn’t “getting what is deserved” the whole point? The personal experience you’ve described is a direct result of the actions (or inactions) of you and your neighbors over the years. It’s depressing that you have taken the time and energy to document this horrible experience, with great skill and eloquence, to then leave us with the idea that “this may be coming to you”. If, or when, it comes to me, the target may not be limited to the van, the motorcycle, and the street criminals. It might very well be expanded to the new nice couple down the street, who haven’t yet got around to replacing their California license plates.

    1. Does Amy Alkon have a public reputation for endorsing figures like Mr. Garcetti-the-Younger? Is she on record supporting being “soft” on homelessness? Does she complain about how bad Mr. Trump is? Has she, like Tom Ridge, endorsed Joe Biden?

      I think her only moral failing is living in California and complaining about the consequences? Could the same be said about Victor Davis Hansen and his tales as a university professor running his family’s raisin farm?

      I live in what is so-far a “mostly peaceful” neighborhood, but I don’t take any of that for granted. Do I “have it coming” living in a left-liberal “college town” if and when what Ms. Alkon described comes here?

      1. Amy is a libertarian. I’m quite confident that she did not endorse, or vote for, Gil Garcetti. I think she stated her position on homelessness in the essay. She’s probably no Trump fan, but I’m equally confident that she didn’t vote for Hillary.

  2. She should have got in touch with the “right person” and said “Hey, I have a free motorcycle for you, idling out front right now, if you want to hop on and ride it away. Let me explain…”

    Next, she should’ve moved a family of skunks into the van. Of course it’s illegal to keep skunks in California, so that’s a two-fer.

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