8 thoughts on “The Covid Chaos”

    1. Will Trump look weak? Depends on how sick he gets. But weak or strong, how does Trump get his message out? The media isn’t going to help Trump look strong.

      The media will help Biden look kind though. Biden didn’t cancel his negative adds. They are still running. This is even better than the scenario that Adams lays out. Biden gets all of the praise from the media for being nice when in reality, he is still punching under the belt. Our media wont ever call him out on the lie just like they wont show Democrats protesting outside Walter Reed.

      The media is a powerful tool for the Democrats and not easily countered, even Adams gets snookered.

  1. Predicting the impact of Trump’s covid diagnosis on the election is computationally irreducible. Far too many factors are at play. The only way to find out is to let the scenario play out and see what happens.

    Anyone who claims otherwise is wishcasting and it would be a simple matter of luck if they turn out to be somewhat correct. Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

    1. Nonsense. I have a whole ensemble of climate models at hand which can do the job. We’ll just tweak a few parameters (and substitute electoral votes for global average temperatures), and it will give settled science results, just like those on which we want to bet the future of humanity.


  2. The Democrats have decided that the less people see of Biden, the bigger his chances are. I don’t think it will work out successfully. To know Biden well is to loath him but I think that boat has sailed.

    The idea that toning down Trump is a good idea mainly comes from the not quite never Trump group. The nature of modern communications insures that Trump will have ample opportunity to be Trump anywhere outside the ICU. That’s what got him elected the first time and it will either work this time or not.

  3. Why isn’t Trump on hydroxychloroquine? He touted it and told others to take it, but now he gets Covid and doesn’t take it? What’s up with that?

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