8 thoughts on “Trump And Biden”

  1. If either nominee were no longer alive on November 3, I can almost guarantee there would be a constitutional amendment once the dust had settled.

    It would take a long time settling, though.

  2. If Biden does shortly before November 3rd I don’t think it would change much. Kamala Harris would already have ordered a casket for him.

  3. You’d think this sort of situation would have risen to the notice of the founders. The Inauguration took place later and the ephemeral nature of life was more pronounced. I suppose the fact that it has never come up indicated they were right not to spend a lot of effort on the contingency. They wouldn’t have anticipated the rise of parties anyway.

    I believe that being healthy enough to go to work every day automatically puts him in a lower risk category than his age would seem to justify.

    1. In the Founder’s vision, the two candidates would likely be the best and second-best choices for President. If choice #1 died, everybody would logically approve of choice #2. If choice #2 died, no big deal because #1 was better anyway. Let’s not forget that the original idea was that the loser became Vice President.

    2. I was considering different kinds of automobile based on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Driver Death Rate Tables.

      To me, real-world statistics on which car is less deadly than another is much more useful than the number of stars of Federal Crash Test results or even the IIHS’ more rigorous crash tests.

      Anyway, a person I know suggest that I was wasting my time, that for both of us being over age 60, our chances of dying over the course of the next year were 1 in 100 whereas our chances of dying in an automobile crash, regardless of the make and model, were miniscule in comparison.

      The two of us met another mutual friend, and I told him that our friend-in-common saved me a lot of money by telling me I could still drive my (then) 20-year-old Camry rather than getting a new one, because the difference was miniscule compared to my 1 in 100 chance of dying from some other cause in the next year.

      I was emphatically corrected, “I told you no such thing. I told you the difference was slight between buying a cheap new car and an expensive one because even a Nissan Versa comes with 5 air bags protecting the driver from every possible angle.”

      I didn’t want to get into a long discussion in the social setting in question, but the new Camry doesn’t have a statistically significant difference in the driver death rate compared to my model that lacks the side air bags and other features.

      I guess we have had American presidents die of natural causes in office (Harding, FDR come to mind), but 1 in 100 odds of being over 60 and dying within the year, it is only a matter of time before we have a Constitutional Crisis like the one Rand describes?

  4. If Biden won then died, Democrats would say Kamala is the President. Republicans would probably say this too. If Trump won and died, Democrats would say we need a new election or if Biden won the popular vote and lost electorally, that Biden should be the President by default. A surprising number of Republicans would go along with the Democrats.

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