3 thoughts on “Democrats’ Reaction To Trump’s Illness”

  1. Aside from how they act on social media, showing up outside the hospital is one of the worst things I have seen in my life. These are the people who are upset Trump makes fun of fake news and are the people who who to dictate how everyone else is supposed to act on a daily basis.

    At least the Democrats are using less violence than they did when they tried to storm the hospital treating the two cops one of their gang members tried to assassinate.

  2. Well at least Rand cited Maddow but couldn’t bring himself to mention the current leader of the democratic party or others. Instead pointing to this article that points out a bunch of D list Apparatchiks and media personalities and amplifying their signal above the noise. And calling them the democratic party. If you want a better opposition party don’t amplify those buffoons.

    How bout this insight.

    The first thing that needs to be said is that no one should be a jackass about Trump getting ill. Whatever your feelings about Trump, publicly rooting for COVID to take him out is a form of jackassery. It doesn’t matter that Trump himself is prone to uncharitable takes when people he doesn’t like meet with misfortune: …..

    And while there are countless people eager to play the role of the boogeyman the other side loves to hate—negative attention is sadly monetizable today—when there isn’t a suitable boogeyman available, it doesn’t take much inducement or work for the legions of professional smellfunguses out there to turn someone into the boogeyman you need. Many on the left need everyone on the right to be racists, and many on the right need everyone on the left to be Marxists. It’s so much easier to argue with caricatures and so much more lucrative to bravely stand up to an existential enemy.

    Wodun which people are showing up outside the hospitals? or we talking about this.
    I guess masks work now too?

    1. Democrats were showing up outside Walter Reed and other similar events to heckle and pick fights with people there wishing Trump well. It isn’t just randos or D list people, the highest most powerful people in the Democrat party are acting this way and they are the ones also organizing and funding these protest events.

      How is it that this crass behavior isn’t being covered in the media?

      Not all Democrats are Marxists but that hardly matters as Progressive Marxism is the motivating ideology of today’s Democrat party. Even a moderate Democrat will support Progressive Marxism. Don’t forget, Sanders almost won the nomination twice and Democrats have elected out of closet Progressive Marxists all over the country.

      All Democrats have to do to show that they aren’t Progressive Marxists is to kick them out of the party power structure, kick them out of protests, kick them out of fundraising, kick them out of Democrat NGOs and PACs, and stop hiring them as staff.

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