2 thoughts on “Unassailable Ideas”

  1. Does anyone recall any liberty-minded lists of books that have most negatively influenced public policy? Such books are usually staples in academia. I had seen such articles years ago and tried to find one when I ran across this article about Matthew Josephson’s “The Robber Barons.” Key quote: “Perhaps more important than all of the errors, Josephson missed the distinction between market entrepreneurs like Vanderbilt, Hill, and Rockefeller and political entrepreneurs like Collins, Villard, and Gould. He lumped them all together.”


  2. “Open inquiry and engagement with a diverse range of views are long-cherished and central tenets of higher education and are pivotal to innovation and knowledge creation. Yet, free inquiry on American campuses is hampered by a climate that constrains teaching, research, and overall discourse.”

    It is almost as if this long held belief was really just a way to sucker well meaning people into protecting and supporting the subversion and take over of academic institutions and not an actual belief held by the people who were pushing it.

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