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    1. Well, until more is known, I’d recommend that fish not vape. In fact, they should probably just stay underwater.

    2. Seems to me this is pretty clear; pregnant zebrafish should be discouraged from vaping. Perhaps taxing pregnant zebrafish who vape should be considered?

    3. What an amazing technological achievement it is that they made such tiny vaping devices that they could be used by fish without lips or lungs, and they are waterproof too!

  1. Regardless of who wins in November, many things will get worse in our country as Progressive Marxism is ascending. A Biden win wont see an end to OWS/Black Bloc style protests and Democrat corporate domination of the populace will be just as bad as if Trump wins. This in turn will cause people fed up with Democrat’s tactics to act out. The Proud Boys were started in a response to Democrats organizing mob violence against non-Democrats exercising their 1A rights.

    Escapees have a hard time surviving now and it will only get worse.

    I was recently watching a podcast about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of using the term, escapee, they used the term, squirter. When doing an operation, they used to chase down squirters but the squirter would often lead them through a booby trap, so they stopped chasing squirters. We need a way to disincentivize going after individuals and businesses that are escapees.

    1. I don’t believe that Progressive Marxism *is* ascending. Perhaps ass-ending is a better phrase, as those accustomed to controlling the levers of power find one lever after another broken, unresponsive. Picture the White House press room, filled with self-important journalists that nobody listens to anymore. This era we are in feels more like death-throes of an elderly giant, still dangerous, but who won’t survive.

      What comes after is anybody’s guess, but it probably won’t be the traditional Marxist opposition either, the mostly-statist GOP members who merely wish to redirect the money and power to other causes.

      American freedom was mostly the product of benign neglect on the part of the British, who had the power, but chose not to impose more than a loose legal system, while also preventing any real local power from developing. The response from two or three generations of British Americans was to develop informal, cooperative means of accomplishing goals. Once the British attempted to roll this back, imposing taxes and edicts, freedom was too ingrained in the American psyche; the Brits never saw it coming.

      So, perhaps we will have a vacuum of power, coupled with modern communications, in which low-level agreements between people become the norm, the ability to install a national vision is mostly blunted, and some of the silliness of our current age is ignored by those who have found better ways to accomplish their goals.

      One would hope, anyhow.

    2. I believe in the need for checks and balances, not just between the branches of government but also between the political parties. The Democrats have swung hard left, more so than the rest of the country (or so I hope). I believe the only way for them to revert to something resembling normal is for them to suffer massive losses up and down in the elections next month similar to what happened in 1972 and 1984. Perhaps then, the few remaining adults in the party can wrest back control from the radicals and return the Democrats to sanity. It’s a slim hope but I cling to it, for the other alternatives don’t inspire much hope for the future.

  2. The plague infesting this planet isn’t the ChiCom flu. It is government, everywhere in vast and detailed quantity.
    As Jerry Pournelle used to say, during the 1950’s it didn’t matter so much which bunch of crooks were in power, it didn’t make much difference to most people. Now that we have an extensive set of laws regulating just about every human activity it really does matter to individuals.

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