5 thoughts on “Infiltrating Antifa”

  1. Very good read with a lot of insights.

    “I’d had friends that got attacked at the Trump rally they tried to hold in San Jose [in April 2016].”

    This is what turned me into a Trump supporter. Trump’s post-election policies have kept me a supporter but so have the five years of non-stop coast to coast organized and unorganized political terrorism coming from the Democrat party.

    “Francis Fukuyama talks about it: People want to struggle. And if everything is fine, they’ll struggle against democracy. ”

    This is a common theme, struggle, challenge, purpose, meaning. Progressive Marxists are great at taking advantage of broken people. They weaponize the mentally ill and as the interview notes, that includes a fair number of intelligent and accomplished human beings.

  2. The FBI should have been on this long ago. I’ve seen far right wing militia groups, who are also “non organized” and “just an idea” being infiltrated by FBI informers and then provocateurs. They’re then hauled away for planning some violent act – proposed of course by the provocateurs themselves.

    The “Obama” FBI apparently was not on top of either BLM or Antifa. For the simultaneous violence to happen required a lot of planning and logistics which they either missed or decided to keep to themselves because it could hurt Trump. If this is true, we may be in a lot more trouble than we think as a country.

    1. A lot of them work for the federal government.

      All human groups have leaders. The black bloc of the Democrat party does too and just like many of their other groups, there is an international membership and organizational structure.

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