10 thoughts on “The Full Crowley”

  1. So why is everyone so black pilled when President Trump pulled a full Biden-pwned-Ryan and in Wallace’s words, stepped in Wallace’s “beautifully baked cake?”

    1. As I noted previously, get a copy of the transcript, find a list of the important topics to voters, if not from the GOP or DNC, then Gallop, do keyword searches and see if the debate moderator’s cake covered most of those topics. Chris Wallace asked no questions about immigration, education, veterans, wars, terrorism, lockdowns, guns, 2nd amendment, free speech, religion, or even abortion. Russia and Ukraine only came up because Trump brought them up while having to talk over both Wallace and Biden. Wallace’s cake was a shit burger.

    1. He used to be good when Ailes was there to keep him on track. Post-Trump, Wallace really fell into the silence is violence mentality that demands journalists have a moral obligation to eschew ethics because getting rid of Trump is so important to stay on the right side of history. He doesn’t even have to punch a Nazi, he just has to label people Nazis.

  2. My take was that Wallace wasn’t there to moderate a debate, he was there to conduct an in-depth, hard-hitting, loaded, muck-raking interview of the candidates. He didn’t understand or recognize the difference between a moderator and an investigative reporter.

    1. I don’t understand why the Republicans appear to being blindsided by all this. Don’t they get to negotiate who the moderators are? WTF?

  3. One thing VDH forgets to mention was the Obama was interviewed by CBS the day after the attacks and also stated during that interview that Benghazi wasn’t an act of terror. CBS withheld that information even after the debate.

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