13 thoughts on “On The Road Again”

    1. PHX was pretty empty, with closed restaurants. MCI seemed a little busier. The worst thing was having to mask from leaving for the airport in an Uber, to going through security and the airport, through the plane flight, through the layover, through the second plane flight, through the rental shuttle, until we left the airport in the rental car. Several hours, with the only break when I was in an empty stretch of the Phoenix airport, or was looking out the window.

      1. That’s why I’m avoiding commercial flight for as long as I can. I realize you couldn’t, but they have successfully made commercial flight completely miserable with security theater and now health theater.

        1. Ditto. My wife and I went to Arizona (from Virginia) for a vacation in August, and though we flew first class, it was pretty miserable. I had been recovering from the worst case of bronchitis I had ever had, and wearing a mask for 5 hours brought it back in with a vengeance. Now we only take getaways to destinations within driving range.

          First class, btw, is insanely cheap these days. But there’s no food or beverage service, so aside from more comfortable seats, it’s only barely worth the money.

          1. My driving radius is centered on Lawton, OK and stretches to Fresno, CA. So, yeah, pretty much haven’t flown anywhere since 2001. And I’m a plane-o-phile and love(d) flying. Okay, once. Flew to Bangor, ME to visit me mum coupla years ago. Didn’t fancy driving for 3 days each way. There’s a restaurant in the Detroit airport that has a killer reuben, or had, dunno if it’s still there. Went in search of one of the last two HoJo’s reportedly in Bangor (other in Lake George, NY). Didn’t find it. Loved me some tendersweet clam rolls. And the McD’s lobstuh rolls? Sold out every time I tried… And if the ‘Commemorative’ Air Force ever manages to acquire Weeks’ B26 Marauder I will pay any price, bear any burden, to take a flight in the nose. Absolutely my favorite aircraft of all time. Johnson’s P38 a close second. No others need apply.

      2. You are still allowed to doff the mask when eating and drinking, so make sure you bring a water bottle. After you go through security, fill it at one of the fancy new filling stations all airports are now sporting, keep it in hand and sip at it all day. Gives you long(er) stretches of time where you don’t need the mask on your face.

  1. I was wondering the same. I live 4 miles south of KCI and the number of jets I see coming and going hasn’t returned to anything approaching normal.

  2. I last flew in mid-August. Calgary airport was a ghost town. Dallas-Fort Worth airport was approaching normal, lots of people, crowded lines, busy restaurants. Wasn’t in Houston Bush airport very long, but it appeared less busy than usual.

    No idea what it’s like today.

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