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  1. Is Sarah getting a little strident these days? She’s using the f-word in comments. Maybe worried that the Portugal of her childhood is happening here.

    1. She has become very, very strident. Some of her pronouncements on the COVID pandemic have been pretty extreme.

    1. I read over the weekend the notion that Trump and his supporters need to MoveOn in regards to the Russia Hoax that played out over 3 years. Despite the use of federal resources to interfere in an opponents campaign, no one in Washington DC really cares to do anything about it. Like Trump might say, “it’s just politics”.

      Along those lines, I think Kurt is right about the time to riot. That is; if you are concerned about the behavior of DC in regards to our Rights, waiting longer is perhaps no longer a strategy. I’m not there myself, and I’m not so sure how much concern I really have. But the words and actions of the embolden left are starting to make things clear. Concepts like “free exercise [of religion]” and “right to keep and bare arms” are no longer acceptable to the Democrat Party.

      1. Funny how the laissez-faire reaction of the Swamp to “RussiaGate” is so similar in character to it’s reaction to J. Edgar and his “files”. When he was alive he was truly “untouchable” and that wasn’t necessarily a good thing for the country.

      2. Kurt’s riot is basically to vote out not only the ideologically wrong but the ideologically milquetoast as well. And to keep them out of power until there is true party reform on both sides of the aisle, where our rights come first in a every party’s platform. As one bard once said….
        They say he is a dreamer. But he’s not the only one…

        1. We can’t vote our way out of a problem that doesn’t exist solely with politicians. Politicians might be able to impact the abuse of career government workers but has anyone campaigned on it? Draining the swamp isn’t the same as dramatically overhauling civil servants.

          There are three other spheres that need to be influenced; entertainment, education, and corporate. Politics can affect these spheres but people on the right need to take action outside of politics as well. Whether it is through group organization or individual effort, we have to start acting rather than relying on the ballot box.

          1. I’m doing my part. I haven’t seen a Hollywood movie since “The Current War”. Of course 2020 made it even easier.

            Voting works for politicians. How you spend your money works for everything else. Wait a sec. Take that back. Money works for everything.

  2. Having met many escapees and victims of Communism over the course of my adult life, I can understand why Sarah Hoyt is going ballistic. And everybody else who posts here should be, too.

    1. At the risk of someone screaming, “Godwin, Godwin, Godwin”, it appears that Teutonic Totalitarianism followed a somewhat different course than Slavic Totalitarianism.

      Slavic Totalitarianism appeared to have “burnt the whole thing down.” Teutonic Totalitarianism appeared to have kept the financiers, corporate (cough, IG Farben, cough) and military leaders around, applying their talents and energies to the aims of the Regime.

      The sense I get, and I am not claiming original ideas but merely observing the remarks of other Internet commenters, is that Bidenism is more Teutonic than Slavic. The corporations will not be dissolved, rather, they will be ordered to build windmills and solar panels and not drill for domestic oil.

      Yes, we are probably talking about the John Gill version of the Teutonic model, and it would be good to know who will be the powers behind the power. The sense I get is that Wall Street (financial interests) and Silicon Valley (both hardware as well as software technology interests) will play a role. Whether this serves the interests of the working class is to be seen, but there will be a symbiosis with the elite interests rather than any disruption headed their way.

  3. I have a thought about “court packing”, of which Mr. Biden kind of, sort of states that he won’t do, but Congressional leaders like Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Durbin are being will they/won’t they coy about it.

    Let the Democrats pack the Supreme Court. And when the Republicans get back in, they can pack it further, until it grows into an unwieldy defacto governing body like the Galactic Senate, or actually, almost any Faculty Senate of a major university.

    At that time this aging shadowy behind-the-scenes guy will disband it in favor of an Empire, and his 7-foot-tall sidekick in an Anti-fa suit will threaten to choke people.

    1. The thought experiment still remains as to whether they would add just enough members to regain the majority, or if they would go the geometric progression route, and add N+1 new members, where N is the current size, to ensure a majority packed with one’s own personal selections. The geometric route would also drain the lower courts in a hurry, creating a pretty massive vacuum into which newly-minted barristers could be sucked.

      1. Geometric progression? Exactly. The Galactic Senate model, where to get recognized to speak you have to ride some kind of floating spaceship thingy.

      2. There is no requirement that the people come from the lower courts, in fact that is not acceptable since most were appointed by he who shall not be named.

        The logical outcome of this it to make every single American a member of the supreme court. Mob rule! The desired outcome of the democrats.

        In reality that would likely be operationally the same as disbanding the body – they would never agree to take a case and do extra work.

        1. The logical outcome of this it to make every single American a member of the supreme court… The desired outcome of the democrats.

          Every American! North American, Central American and South American.

  4. Commies always kill commies. Which is no consolation as they kill everyone nearby too. Until we Nuremberg trial the perps this will continue until oblivion.

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